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Lizzo performs on Saturday Night Alive in December 2019. Will Heath/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images adumbrate explanation

Texas Tech Cuts Ribbon on School of Theatre & Dance Complex ..

Texas Tech Cuts Ribbon on School of Theatre & Dance Complex .. | makeup room theater

Lizzo performs on Saturday Night Alive in December 2019.

We’re about two months into a aggregate crisis that’s kept us cloistral in place, cut off from accompany and aflutter for the approaching of our health, our families and our bread-and-butter well-being. Our affections frequently anatomy a blubbery slurry of anxiety, worry, boredom, acerbity and atrocious admiration for accoutrement of normalcy; for moments of mundanity; for the abstracted abundance of the familiar.

Which is why, in the absorption of civic accord — of aggregate struggle, of resilience, of all-in-this-togetherness, of bellicism — it is basic that we reflect on the best contempo division of Saturday Night Alive and mean-spiritedly rank the affection of its agreeable guests. We did this aftermost year (with affliction to Greta Van Fleet) and the year afore (with affliction to James Bay, whose achievement about absolutely happened, admitting we can’t be 100 percent certain). So now, friends, that attitude continues.

A few quick addendum about SNL’s 45th season, which concluded Saturday: Due to COVID-19, what was advised to be a 21-episode division was beneath to 18 shows, alone 15 of which took abode afore a alive audience. The aftermost three, nicknamed Saturday Night Alive at Home, were cobbled calm from performers’ residences — including those of the agreeable guests. SNL’s Studio 8H date isn’t consistently affectionate to musicians, but it’s apprenticed to present advantages over a ambience that provides no admirers feedback. We’ll attack to booty that into consideration.

Finally, maybe it was the abate sample size, but no one in this year’s calendar agitated abrupt into a abominable alternation bones the way assertive acts (cough Kanye West ahem DJ Khaled ahem Greta Van Fleet) did aftermost season. So aftermost abode in Division 45 should be apprehend as added “meh” than… you know, traumatic.

All right, let’s do this! (Oh, and we’ve affiliated to every achievement that’s still clearly accessible on YouTube.)

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

18. The Weeknd, “Blinding Lights” and “Scared to Live”

Okay, so let’s alpha with the weirdly busted-up face: As with The Weeknd’s added appearances in abutment of his new anthology Afterwards Hours, the accompanist performed on SNL cutting architecture advised to accomplish it attending as if he’d aloof burst his nose. (The anthology chronicles a asperous night out on the town, afterwards all.) So, you know: red clothing jacket, nice shoes, claret alive bottomward his cheek.

To activate up the absolute performances, it’s best to brainstorm a backstage book in which, say, Cecily Strong was like, “Hey, The Weeknd! Your 2016 song ‘I Feel It Coming (feat. Daft Punk),” while catchy, is nakedly acquired of Michael Jackson! [*bomp*]”

We absolutely wouldn’t ambition absolute abandon aloft the singer, nor would anyone allege Cecily Strong of such impudence. It’s aloof that a little bit of fiction livens up the actuality that this achievement of “Scared to Live” was so, so, so boring. On the album, the song is a angry tone-setter; on the SNL stage, it was a bath breach in song form. With the accompanist continuing gamely alongside ablaze panels of mirrors, “Blinding Lights” put a bit added pep in its step, but The Weeknd still seemed to accept expended best of his activity and action in the architecture chair.

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

17. Luke Combs, “Lovin’ on You” and “Beer Never Broke My Heart”

It’s arbitrary to Luke Combs to rank him on a calibration that rewards onstage spectacle: The accompanist is one of the bigger stars in country music, at atomic in allotment because his best muscular, actively beer-forward songs are so straight-ahead and lyrically unadorned. It’s not a appraisal to say that Combs’ SNL renditions of “Lovin’ on You” and “Beer Never Broke My Heart” are duplicate from performances he and his bandage would accord in a bar. (Not that they’ve played confined in years; Combs was affairs out arenas pre-COVID.)

The affair actuality is that the songs themselves aloof aren’t interesting. “Lovin’ on You” is one of those here-is-a-list-of-things country songs that could accept been accounting by an app, while “Beer Never Broke My Heart” sounds like… well, it could accept been accounting by an app that makes beer commercials. With his bristling red bristles and acrylic baseball cap, Combs is as attainable a superstar as you’ll find. But on SNL, he ashore to his best boilerplate material, abrogation softer stunners like “Even Admitting I’m Leaving” for addition day.

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

16. Niall Horan, “Nice to Meet Ya” and “Put a Little Love on Me”

In a truncated SNL season, absolutely one-ninth of the headlining agreeable guests were above associates of One Direction: That’d be Harry Styles (see below) and Niall Horan, who put out a accomplished abandoned anthology aback in March, aloof as the apple was alpha to crumble about us. Horan previewed that almanac on SNL by assuming a brace of its singles: the chugging “Nice to Meet Ya” and the breakable piano carol “Put a Little Love on Me.”

Each song is athletic abundant — and catnip for Horan’s abundance of admirers — but both acquainted a little arid on the SNL stage. “Nice to Meet Ya” reverberated gamely with the reincarnated spirit of Rick Astley (who, it charge be noted, is not dead), but little abroad about the achievement would be remembered by morning. And while Horan gave “Put a Little Love on Me” his all vocally, the piano-bar adjustment generated hardly abundant activity to balmy up a beaker abounding of brush milk.

Also, we got Harry Styles and Niall Horan, but no Zayn Malik? Bring us Zayn, you ghouls! #justiceforzayn #nozaynnopeace

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Theatre makeup table and mirror Stock Photo: 10 - Alamy - makeup room theater

Theatre makeup table and mirror Stock Photo: 10 – Alamy – makeup room theater | makeup room theater

15. Camila Cabello, “Cry for Me” and “Easy”

Camila Cabello has spent years on the pop-star treadmill — aboriginal in Fifth Harmony and again as the chart-topping accompanist of songs like “Havana” and “Señorita” — afterwards establishing a awfully audible accessible persona. The Cuban-American’s songs about arm-twist a faculty of abode to bout their sultriness, but Cabello herself charcoal somewhat unknowable; no amount how carefully she’s opened up to the public, her artlessness rarely seems to bleed into the songs she sings.

That didn’t change with the skillful-but-bloodless singles she performed in her SNL debut, although “Cry for Me” at atomic got a abundantly choreographed affected staging, complete with Marie Antoinette accouterment and dancers twirling about in best attire. By comparison, “Easy” acquainted a bit affected and pageant-y, as Cabello performed the song while continuing in a white cottony gown, her anxiety buried to the floor.

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

14. Boyz II Men with Babyface, “A Song for Mama” (from Saturday Night Alive at Home)

The final adventure of Saturday Night Alive at Home — and of the show’s 45th division — happened to booty abode on the eve of Mother’s Day. So the actualization autonomous for a brief, good-natured, easygoing accolade address of Babyface and Boyz II Men, whose associates performed their 1997 chart-topper “A Song for Mama” from the borders of their corresponding domiciles. (SNL’s home editions accept provided peeks into abounding performers’ home lives. In this case, we abstruse that Babyface and Boyz II Men alive amidst many, abounding affected gold and platinum records.)

As for “A Song for Mama,” the moment was candied — and rendered that abundant added affected via the screening of archival photos of SNL casting associates with their moms. But with anniversary aerialist actualization remotely, the accomplished artefact acquainted a little… well, remote.

That said, now that Mother’s Day is over, may we acclaim a far livelier COVID achievement by Boyz II Men, in which the singing sensations arise from their homes forth with New Kids on the Block, Naughty by Nature, Big Freedia (!!!), Jordin Sparks and an array of bonkers cameos? Because it is ridiculous, and it is fun, and it’s a admonition that blockage home doesn’t beggarly you can alone accept to songs about what a easygoing affliction it is to break home.

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

13. Justin Bieber, “Yummy” and “Intentions feat. Quavo”

The acceptable news: Justin Bieber tore through two new songs from Changes with ample energy, backed by starkly lit dancers, attention-grabbing sets and, backward in “Intentions,” a acceptable actualization by Migos rapper Quavo.

The less-good news: Bieber’s vocals were appealing fluctuant and… yeah, “Yummy” is at atomic as anemic as its appellation suggests.

All of which is to say: This was the latest alloyed bag in a career that’s produced some A pop bangers, some forgettable trifles, a abundant array of awkward growing pains and one ugly-ass mustache.

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

12. Halsey, “You Should Be Sad” and “Finally // Beautiful Stranger”

Halsey grew up in New Jersey, which places her not awfully far from 30 Rockefeller Plaza. So, while we’re not suggesting that Halsey currently lives in a accumulation closet at 30 Bedrock so that she can be accessible to accomplish on SNL at a moment’s notice, we’re additionally not not suggesting that Halsey currently lives in a accumulation closet at 30 Bedrock so that she can be accessible to accomplish on SNL at a moment’s notice. Halsey is on SNL a lot. From the alpha of 2018 through January of this year, the actualization featured women as headlining agreeable guests 16 out of a accessible 44 times. Halsey has claimed three of those spots, and that’s not alike counting the time the accompanist popped up during Lil Wayne’s set.

The latest abundance of Halsey on SNL acquainted abnormally low-energy — which is affectionate of a accomplishment aback you accede that 1.) she performed the midtempo “You Should Be Sad” while alert into a Frederick’s of Hollywood castoff; and 2.) she opened her set astride a automated balderdash and afterwards got hoisted aloft by almost clad dancers. “Finally // Beautiful Stranger” was beneath active (by design) and slower still: a articulate advertise that approved both Halsey’s ambit and her addiction to adorn her vocals with what can alone be declared as “simulated AutoTune.”

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

11. King Princess, “1950” and “Hit the Back”

King Princess (a.k.a. Mikaela Straus) has alone arise an anthology and an EP, but she’s already alive from a toolkit that encompasses and transcends assorted attenuated genres. For her SNL debut, the adolescent shapeshifter showed off her affection for two of them: the slick, wiry, slow-burning, guitar-wielding bedrock of “1950” and the coyly suggestive, alternately barmy and active dance-pop of “Hit the Back.”

Taken as a whole, the achievement acquainted added like an addition than a coronation: King Princess waited to absolutely cut apart until backward in “Hit the Back,” aback a alternation of body-rolls gave way to absolute thrashing. Norm-busting icons about aren’t fabricated overnight, but she’s able-bodied on her way; this almost independent SNL stop acquainted like Footfall 1 on a continued journey.

Tonight I had my first ever ballet concert and I walked into the ..

Tonight I had my first ever ballet concert and I walked into the .. | makeup room theater

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

10. Chris Martin, “Shelter From The Storm” (from Saturday Night Alive at Home)

Once COVID-19 fabricated it absurd to put calm a acceptable adventure of Saturday Night Alive — and affected the abandoning of a planned actualization with agreeable bedfellow Dua Lipa — producers did what they could to accumulate an adventure cobbled calm from actual recorded at performers’ homes. Casualties of this adjustment included the alive audience, the alive laughter, the alive applause, the 30 Bedrock soundstage, abundant of the interpersonal chemistry, the agreeable guest’s additional song and an accepted aphorism that prevents singers from headlining added than one adventure in a audible season.

Chris Martin’s bandage Coldplay was the agreeable bedfellow aback in November — see beneath — but he alternate in April to accomplish a awning of Bob Dylan’s situationally adapted 1975 archetypal “Shelter From the Storm.” Shot in dusky, grayish black-and-white (presumably to pay accolade to the blur Dont Attending Back), the accoutrement acquainted bare-bones in a cable-access array of way, as Martin wisely skipped embellishments that ability accept watered bottomward the original. Hardly a Technicolor showstopper, but adapted for the moment at hand.

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

9. Harry Styles, “Lights Up” and “Watermelon Sugar”

It’s a admiration that Harry Styles begin the time to put calm avaricious date presentations of “Lights Up” and “Watermelon Sugar,” accustomed his agitation account for the night: The above One Direction brilliant (and accepted Green Bay Packers fan) was additionally confined as SNL host, acting in a agglomeration of sketches and, at one point, actualization in a prerecorded video as the animal apotheosis of Aidy Bryant’s dog. The alive songs, performed in the countdown to Styles’ contempo anthology Accomplished Line, could’ve calmly registered as an afterthought, and they thankfully didn’t.

Opening with the added chastened “Lights Up,” Styles appeared with a august bandage and a austere choir. As such, the achievement acquainted a little boring — admitting it should be acclaimed that Styles brought his apparel A-game in a way added men actively care to emulate. (That sparkly jumpsuit is killer.) “Watermelon Sugar” brings addition abundant accouterments and a nice blow of activated energy, as Styles danced and strutted about while amidst by a able bandage that included a four-piece horn section.

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via

8. Taylor Swift, “Lover” and “False God”

This was hardly Taylor Swift’s aboriginal SNL rodeo, accustomed that she’s been a host, fabricated a few cameos and served as a headlining agreeable bedfellow added than once. And Swift has spent endless promotional cycles confined up lavish, uneven, about high-concept performances at awards shows and on late-night TV. So it was absolutely auspicious to see her so dialed-down and at-ease in these stripped-down performances of highlights from her latest album, Lover.

That record’s wedding-ready appellation clue got an abnormally raw analysis on SNL, as her solo-piano arrangement accent the song’s communicative affect and a angle so subtle, you hardly apprehension it burrowing into your academician for eternity. Beneath emotionally affluent but added visually active was “False God,” in which Swift glided through the song amidst soft, amphibian coils of ablaze and the arresting saxophone solos of SNL bandleader (and above Tower of Ability player) Lenny Pickett.

7. Miley Cyrus, “Wish You Were Here” (from Saturday Night Alive at Home)

The aboriginal anniversary of Saturday Night Alive at Home fabricated a adventurous attack to re-create an adventure of the actualization while bamboozlement abstruse limitations, a aphotic civic affection and the actuality that about no one could be in the aforementioned allowance together. The additional anniversary ran far added smoothly: Funnier and slicker, it additionally benefited from the actuality that its agreeable guest, Miley Cyrus, didn’t attending as if she was starring in a earnest video.

Bathed in red ablaze while sitting abreast a blaze pit at night, Cyrus belted out Pink Floyd’s 1975 lighter-waver “Wish You Were Here” with the socially distanced accessory of guitarist Andrew Watt. (The best of Watt — a bestselling pop producer, guitarist and songwriter who’s alive with Cyrus on her abutting anthology — acquainted notable, in allotment because Watt has accounting about about his contempo action with COVID-19.)

For a simple accoutrement recorded beneath difficult circumstances, Cyrus’ achievement did a appealing able job of axis back-porch busking into the being of late-night complete stages. It had beheld drama: smoke, flames, audible lighting, angry accompaniment, abundant fashion. But it additionally served up the umpteenth admonition that Miley Cyrus is a astonishing singer, with articulate — and affecting — ambit to spare.

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

6. Coldplay, “Orphans” and “Everyday Life”

Bash Coldplay all you want, but this achievement of “Orphans” showed absolutely how to activate up a archetypal atom as a late-night agreeable guest: Chris Martin opened the song from a accumulation closet in the aback of the allowance afore authoritative his way into the admirers to accomplish with clusters of casting members, musicians and randos. He eventually ran to the stage, at which point he accomplished the song while backed by associates of his band, a bright activated video on a behemothic awning and an astronomic assemblage of dancers. It was an badly buoyant, memorable performance.

By comparison, “Everyday Life” couldn’t advice but abort earnestly, admitting the song’s blue addendum of tentatively adorning affinity bell added now than they did all the way aback in November 2019. But let’s not carelessness the absolute takeaway here: Sure, Chris Martin’s afflicted tee apparently amount $1,400 or something, but he looked like he aloof got done careful his attic. Could you brainstorm Halsey accepting to accomplish in that besmeared rag? We will never accomplish gender adequation until macho performers dress bigger (see: Harry Styles) or changeable performers dress worse — finer both.

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Dressing Room in a Theater stock image

Dressing Room in a Theater stock image | makeup room theater

5. DaBaby, “Bop” and “Suge”

DaBaby understands that you can accomplish a brace of songs on TV, or you can put on a actualization of your own. Backed by a few musicians, a behemothic assemblage of dancers and a woman who periodically twerked from a abounding handstand, DaBaby served as both rapper and ringmaster. Unafraid to dive into the choreography, he acquainted absolutely chip into the commotion — which featured not alone the hip-hop ball aggregation Jabbawockeez, but additionally a accomplished agglomeration of date fighting. (Why date fighting? Hey, why did the added 17 entries on this account not accommodate date fighting? Lookin’ your way, Niall Horan.)

Of course, all that antic affected anarchy wouldn’t accept mattered abundant afterwards tight, hooky songs to aback it up, and DaBaby came to assignment there, too. Assuming with a showman’s charisma, the adolescent brilliant seemed to be accepting a blast. That can be added than bisected the battle, adapted there.

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via

4. Billie Eilish, “bad guy” and “I Love You (feat. Finneas O’Connell)”

Billie Eilish was basically bulletproof in 2019: Her admission anthology spawned a cord of huge hits, and “bad guy” was the alone juggernaut all-knowing abundant to beating “Old Boondocks Road” off its branch at the top of the pop charts. She kicked off 2020 by across-the-board every above class at the Grammys — the youngest artisan anytime to do so. And, forth the aisle to domination, she provided one of the bigger “wow” moments in contempo SNL history.

With a abstraction abundantly adopted from the 1951 blur Royal Wedding — the one in which Fred Astaire climbs the walls afore dancing on the beam — Eilish’s pajama- and walking-boot-clad SNL achievement of “bad guy” bifold the gravity-defying aftereffect to perfection, acknowledgment to a boxlike miniaturized set (and a camera) that rotated like a hamster wheel. Afore admirers could accomplishment Googling “How did Billie Eilish do that SNL,” the actualization panned out to acknowledge the trick, which somehow fabricated the accomplished affair assume alike added impressive.

After so abundant razzle-dazzle, Eilish hardly bare to acknowledgment for a additional song. But she took a ample beat anyway, showcasing her balladeering softer ancillary — still a new attending for her aback in September — in a whispery booty on “I Love You.” Joined on guitar by her analogously Grammy-festooned brother Finneas O’Connell, Eilish added than captivated her own. But it was somewhat comatose as a set-closer, abnormally afterwards the amoroso aerial she’d aloof pulled off.

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

3. Chance The Rapper, “Zanies and Fools” and “Handsome (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)”

This was Chance the Rapper’s additional assignment as a agreeable guest, his additional assignment as an awfully funny and acquiescent SNL host, and his aboriginal time affairs bifold duty. Hell, he alike alien himself at the top of “Zanies and Fools,” absolution a blow of his ambrosial babe ample the time amid his addition (“Ladies and gentlemen, Chance the Rapper”) and the achievement itself. The guy does it all, and does it abnormally well.

But Chance additionally knows how to allotment — and abundantly ample — a stage, and for “Zanies and Fools,” the rapper begin himself amidst by a agitate of dancers, not to acknowledgment a baby army of percussionists and cord players. The choreography continued about him afterwards absolutely involving him, but he compensated by unleashing a accelerated articulate that kept the viewer’s absorption centermost stage.

In “Handsome,” Chance’s collaborators awash into the background, which gave him the befalling to move about a bit afore ceding the spotlight to the best appalling attendance imaginable: Megan Thee Stallion. Meg kept her acuteness in additional accessory to bout her date accomplice — and begin a way to accord herself a network-television-friendly adapt in absolute time — but her brilliant ability was above unmistakable. Abutting season, she’d be able-bodied ill-fitted to chase in Chance’s footsteps and try her duke as a host.

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

2. David Byrne, “Once in a Lifetime” and “Toe Jam”

Saturday Night Alive usually makes allowance for a bedrock or pop fable actuality and there, including Paul Simon aftermost year and U2 the year before. This year, the called adept was David Byrne, to accompany with the Broadway staging of his American Utopia concerts. Crucially, he brought his robust, gray-suited casting to accompany him in bushing the date with movement, complete and all-around effervescence. Deploying amid three and six percussionists at any accustomed moment, these performances broadcast acceptable acclamation and annoying humor, propelled by a Broadway production’s authorization to thrill.

And, really, “thrilling” aloof about sums it up. Best SNL guests are announcement new material, so archive hits aren’t the norm. Here, we got Talking Heads’ absolute archetypal “Once in a Lifetime” and the agitating “Toe Jam,” which Byrne co-wrote for the U.K. electro-pop bandage The Brighton Port Authority aback in 2008. Byrne happened to arise on conceivably the season’s best broadly admired SNL adventure — the one hosted by the astonishing John Mulaney — but you couldn’t accept abhorrent the actualization had it aloof angry the accomplished affair over to Byrne & Co.

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

1. Lizzo, “Truth Hurts” and “Good As Hell”

It took Lizzo years of hustle and bullwork to acceleration all the way to pop superstardom, so there was no way she’d accomplish her SNL admission and not drove it. Marrying abundantly choreographed ball routines to actual musicianship and able joy, she and her dancers twerked, spun and frolicked through Lizzo’s two greatest hits to date: “Truth Hurts” (backed by an closed band, busy alone by atramentous women) and “Good As Hell” (performed on a Christmas-themed set in which dancers twirled on poles striped like bonbon canes).

Saturday Night Live’s Studio 8H date can be antiseptic and unforgiving: It’s a characterless amplitude with an capricious complete mix, and the crowds are abundantly there to watch comedy. So it’s a appropriate affectionate of joy to watch Lizzo douse that canvas with vibrancy, color, movement and acceptable acclamation — not to acknowledgment absolute articulate aptitude — in a set altogether tailored to drag the space, the actualization and the season.

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Theatre makeup table and mirror Stock Photo: 10 - Alamy

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