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From appearance architect Austin Winsberg and aggressive by his own life, the NBC alternation Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist follows Zoey Clarke (Jane Levy), a computer coder who aback finds herself with the adeptness to apprehend the centermost thoughts and desires of those about her – whether family, co-workers or complete strangers – in the anatomy of accepted songs that are generally accompanied by full-on achievement numbers. While the board is still out on her adeptness actuality an exceptionable anathema or an absurd gift, Zoey finds herself abutting with the apple in a way that can’t advice but acutely affect her.

During this 1-on-1 buzz account with Collider, the acutely accomplished Alex Newell, who plays Zoey’s best acquaintance Mo, talked about what drew him to this agreeable TV series, what Mo was like as a appearance afore he active on, the bigger claiming in bringing this appearance to life, how complex he is in designing Mo’s style, what he’d like to see for Mo if the appearance array a additional season, and much, abundant more.

COLLIDER: I absolutely adulation this appearance and anticipate it’s aloof the best bewitched thing. Mo is one of the best characters on TV, ever.

ALEX NEWELL: Thank you.

You did addition agreeable TV alternation with Glee, afore accomplishing Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. Because of that, did you anytime accept any averseness about accomplishing addition TV musical, or was there aloof no way you could abide accomplishing this?

NEWELL: Everybody gets afraid of accomplishing article that is agnate to article that they’ve done before. I looked at the calligraphy and I apprehend it. It was so altered from annihilation abroad I’d done afore that I said, “Okay, so aloof because I’m singing on it doesn’t beggarly that it’s me, sitting in a choir room, alpha out into song all the time.”

It seems like the abstraction of this appearance would complete crazy on paper. What was it about the appearance and the abstraction that absolutely awash you on it and fabricated you appetite to be a allotment of it? Did you accept a lot of questions about how they could cull this off, on a account basis?

Image via NBC

NEWELL: Yeah, there were questions but it fabricated faculty on paper. That was alarming because, if there’s annihilation that makes faculty on paper, it actual rarely anytime translates on awning or to absolute activity because it seems too easy. But alert to how all of the songs are absolutely absolutely aloof advancing out of a raw affecting place, whether you’re blessed or sad, it drew me in. I apprehend it and it was daunting, really. It’s alarming to see how music absolutely does affect people, abnormally how it drives the artifice on this show.

Does it accomplish the performances a little beneath alarming because the songs themselves don’t necessarily accept to be performed perfectly, with it actuality added out of the affect of it all?

NEWELL: I never accept to anguish about that, but I guess. It’s actual nuanced. I apperceive that’s what [showrunner] Austin [Winsberg] likes. He didn’t appetite everybody to be amazing singer, to accomplish it added real, and I anticipate that’s cool, in a way.

Were there things that best aflame you about this character? Were there things you saw as the bigger challenges with this character?

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NEWELL: The bigger claiming is aggravating to not accomplish it trope-y and aggravating to not accomplish it the bold atramentous friend, [but] authoritative it actual to article that’s actual absolute and ashore and truthful. Anybody can circle their close and be Jiminy Cricket. The claiming was treading that line, every episode. The similarities are the easiest part. There are so abounding things that are Mo that are Alex.

This does assume like a appearance that is clothier fabricated for you, and I can’t brainstorm anyone abroad arena the character. Who was Mo on paper, afore you active on to comedy this character? How abundant did Mo become what you capital to accompany to the character?

NEWELL: Mo was a 31-year-old bisexual atramentous woman, and I accept no abstraction what it’s like to be a bisexual. The cardboard Mo was a template. Austin said they saw over 300 women and it was advancing that affair that I was talking about, of the bold atramentous acquaintance or the best acquaintance character. Somehow, I brought article that was auspicious to it in a way.

In the alpha of their friendship, Mo was acutely a afraid amateur in Zoey’s life, but now he’s absolutely become her abutting friend, abnormally with all of her drama. At this point, what does Zoey’s accord beggarly to Mo?

Image via NBC

NEWELL: I anticipate it’s ever-evolving. The accord with Zoey is unexpected. The majority of our accompany we’ve fabricated throughout activity are accompany we didn’t anticipate we were gonna be accompany with. Actual rarely do you acquisition addition that is still best accompany with their aerial academy best acquaintance or their academy best friend. It’s one of those things. You accept co-workers, area you’re affected into a abode to be accompany with a person. It agency so abundant added to Mo because it’s not like I’m affected into something. I accept to go out of my way to affectionate of ask how this actuality is, every day, see how this actuality is doing, and be absorbed in their day to day. In a accustomed world, Mo and Zoey would accept never met. Every able actuality needs a confidant, as well. I anticipate that’s absolutely what the end-all-be-all with Mo’s accord with Zoey is.

I adulation Mo’s confidence, but I additionally adulation that we get to see Mo isn’t consistently confident. It makes the appearance that abundant added animal and real. What do you adulation best about Mo and how does Mo affect you?

NEWELL: My admired allotment about Mo is the visceral. The apparel that I get to wear, anniversary and every episode, I basically duke aces with our apparel designer, Heidi Higginbotham. That’s cardinal one, my admired part. And aloof accepting to be so carefree. I feel that in my world, I can’t be airy as an actor. You accept to do so abounding things and you accept to anguish about so abounding things, but Mo is that actuality that doesn’t accept to do any of those things. That’s absolutely what I approach towards, the bubbles of Mo. Mo doesn’t accept a job.

Have you consistently gotten to be so complex with acrimonious out Mo’s wardrobe?

NEWELL: From the day one, I got to aces and pull. During the pilot, I absolutely physically went to Nordstrom to cull clothes and booty them aback for a applicable as things I capital to abrasion and would wear.

Mo’s appearance is absolutely absolutely fabulous.

NEWELL: Thank you. It is. The beard and composition administration doesn’t consistently adulation me because I never capital to abrasion the aforementioned beard and composition in a scene. I didn’t affliction if it was the aforementioned day. I didn’t affliction if it was three account afterwards in the shot. I was like, “It’s fine. Let’s change it. You can’t accept this actuality with this amazing apartment, that is so all-embracing and different, and not accept their day to day archetypal that.”

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What can you say to aggravate this abutting adventure [Season 1, Adventure 11 “Zoey’s Extraordinary Mother] for Mo’s claimed journey, and additionally for Mo and Zoey?

NEWELL: You get to see a little bit added crisis from Mo. That’s absolutely what makes Mo human, the crisis that is consistently there, but is never absolutely affected upon. I anticipate it’s added so of an affair with their relationship, in general, but afresh Mo’s accord with Eddie.

We’ve gotten to see the accord amid Mo and Eddie grow, but we additionally see them hit a bit of a asperous patch. What accept you best enjoyed about exploring that relationship. as it’s developed and arena with that dynamic?

NEWELL: Truly, it’s like absolute dating and what it absolutely is. It’s not like, “Oh, my god, I adulation you. I charge you to be with me, all the time.” It’s not what you see on television. I like seeing the lows added than I like to see the acceptable of relationships.

You additionally accept a abundant achievement cardinal in the ball flat during Eddie’s audition. How continued did you accept to get that song accessible and apprentice that number, and how continued did it booty to shoot that?

Image via NBC

NEWELL: Oh, it was actual short. I don’t booty a continued time. Glee was a cossack affected mainly because I aloof knew how to do everything. I knew how to do aggregate actual fast, from that show. On Glee, we would apprentice ball numbers, on the day. We would apprentice accomplishments vocals to songs, on the day. And I back I say on the day, I beggarly absolutely absolutely activity to the ball studio, acquirements choreography from a skeleton crew, and afresh maybe the aforementioned day or the abutting day, accomplishing said ball and afresh cutting maybe three music numbers in one day. It was absolutely absolutely a cossack camp.

So, for Zoey’s, we were in the average of a blast in Vancouver during this time. Annihilation area you see exteriors in that episode, they had to cook all of the snow abroad first. I said, “I can accord you a day of rehearsals. I don’t charge to do too much.” It was absolutely simple. The dancers knew what they were doing. They knew to break abroad from me, in the nicest of ways. If I was walking through the diagonal, they knew, “Okay, don’t go abreast Alex.” It took me about three hours to shoot one thing. The funny affair about that is I’ve never admired that song. I’ve never admired “Issues.” I don’t apperceive why. It sounds so acceptable back she sings it, but afresh back I accessible my mouth, I anticipate I complete abhorrent singing it, but it’s me actuality my harshest critic, of course. Even filming it, I was like, “Do I accept to do it again? Can we aloof skip it?”

You talked about accepting to accomplish a song that you don’t like, but accept you had a claimed admired song that you’ve gotten to perform? Were any of these songs, songs that you accept articulate yourself a lot?

NEWELL: No, that’s the thing. My claimed admired was “The Trouble With Adulation Is” because it was cool easy. I sang it in three takes and I did it live, and we were done. I anticipate that’s why I admired it. It’s additionally aloof a astounding song. I adulation Kelly Clarkson. But a lot of the songs I didn’t absolutely apperceive activity in. I had to accept to them, on the car ride to the studio, and aloof apprentice as I went. I did not apperceive “The Abundant Pretender” at all. Nor did I apperceive “Issues.” I didn’t apperceive “Issues,” at all, because I didn’t like it, but that’s aloof me.

One of the things that I adulation about this appearance is aloof how altered all of the agreeable numbers are and how the locations of them are all so different.

NEWELL: Yeah. One of the things that I adulation about this appearance is that my new best friend, Bernadette Peters, is on it. That’s all I accept to say about it. I adulation her dearly.

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With Mo accepting adventurous ball and Zoey’s adulation activity actuality a mess, what is abutting for them, in that regard? Will we see Eddie again, or is their approaching still up in the air? Does Mo accept any thoughts on Zoey’s adulation life, at this point?

NEWELL: Of course, Mo has all of the account about Zoey’s adulation life. What it absolutely boils bottomward to is she’s a blend and Mo loves that Zoey is a blend because it makes Mo’s accord assume so abundant better. I anticipate you’ll get to see Eddie more. We don’t apperceive for sure. It’s all up in the air. But we’ll see area the ball ensues.

As abundant as I adulation Zoey and Mo together, it was additionally fun to see Mo and Max get to adhere out a bit. Is there anyone abroad that you’d adulation to see Mo in a arena with, aloof to see how that activating would be?

NEWELL: Honestly, LG – Lauren Graham. I wanna see Mo and Joan go tit-for-tat. Back you anticipate about it, you accept Mo, who’s Zoey’s acquaintance and coach about life, and afresh you accept Joan, who is affectionate of the aforementioned thing, but in her workplace.

I feel like there should be a affiliation there, at some point.

NEWELL: I adulation a pas de deux.

One of my admired moments of the division was back Mo went over to Zoey’s and fabricated Zoey and Simon ball it out. What was that moment like to shoot? How continued were you dancing around, and did you absolutely get music to ball to, or it one of those situations area you had to ball about silently while assuming there was music?

Image via NBC

NEWELL: No, they absolutely played “I Adulation It,” blaring. But that day was a very, very, actual continued day. There were a lot of scenes that day. I anticipate it was a seven-page day. It could accept been more, it could accept been less. I was in my bivouac for the majority of the Simon and Zoey actuality in her apartment, and I aloof appear waltzing in at the end and apprehend all of this agreeable and I’m aloof like, “Oh, we’re accomplishing that.” But the ball allocation of it took three hours. I swear, it acquainted like three hours. I acquainted like we were aloof dancing crazily, for three accomplished hours. We were exhausted, and afresh we had to blur a accomplished arena after.

Along with aloof actuality a abundant character, Mo has additionally absolutely an important character, giving articulation to bodies who haven’t had representation on television and advertisement bodies in the admirers to addition they ability not accept gotten to see, in their own lives. What has arena Mo meant to you? Do you get a lot of fan acknowledgment about this character?

NEWELL: It’s like what you said, we’re giving the appearance to bodies that commonly wouldn’t see a appearance like this, in their accustomed life. My big affair is authoritative altered into normalcy. Actuality commonly different, as I alarm myself because back you’re altered you’re absolutely aloof normal, we see things that are altered as a blackmail sometimes, and back we see things that are a threat, we tend not to like them because we’re benighted about them, or about the things that we anticipate are different. So, to comedy this character, and to comedy addition appearance like this in my career, and teaching bodies that we’re all normal, we’re actuality and we live. aloof like you do, is phenomenal. To accept the acknowledgment of bodies adage things like that to me is above what I could anytime achievement and brainstorm for.

Have you had conversations about what a additional division for this appearance could be and what you could still analyze with Mo? Do you accept your own claimed wishlist of things that you’d like to see for Mo?

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NEWELL: I anticipate I appetite Mo to accept a job. I anticipate that’s key. I would adulation Mo to assignment at a San Francisco appearance annual or aloof do article to actualize a revenue. I additionally wanna see Mo’s family. I wanna see what Mo has alfresco of aloof actuality Zoey’s confidant.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist affectedness on Sunday nights on NBC.

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