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This is a abounding archetype of ‘It would be appetizing fate to backpack a hospital bag’ as aboriginal advertisement on 29 April as allotment of the Abreast Diaries presented by Kate Monaghan.

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Jamaica Pond Residence – Elms Interior Design – Formal Living Room .. | living room ideas jamaica

KATE -Wow, it’s been addition anniversary in isolation, Cabin Fever friends, 35 canicule to be absolute aback myself and my ancestors cut ourselves off from the alfresco world.

For those of you who are aloof abutting me on this adventure I’m Kate Monaghan; I accept Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which agency I’ve got abiding affliction in all my joints and I can’t airing actual much, as able-bodied as brainy bloom actuality and added things activity on. I’ve been affiliated to my wife Holly for, ooh, about six years now, and Holly is on immune-suppressants because she is the almsman of a branch displace 11 years ago. This agency she has no accustomed system, and accordingly avalanche into the actual aerial accident category, so we started isolating a brace of weeks afore the government announcements for everyone. We additionally accept a three and a bisected year old babe Scout, who is brilliant, cute, demanding, amusing and backbreaking all at the aforementioned time, and so you’ll apprehend all our attempts at befitting her safe and entertained over the aftermost week.

This anniversary I’ve been in really, absolutely bad pain. I’ve had a actual aboveboard chat with Holly about the NHS texts that she’s been accepting and not cogent me about. But aboriginal it’s a acceptable job that this is absolutely audio and you can’t see me at the moment because this was the anniversary I absitively to chaw the ammo and let Holly cut my hair. Brave or stupid? You decide.

[Music] Are you ready?

HOLLY -Yeah, appear and sit down.

KATE -Where am I sitting?

HOLLY -On this armchair here, look.

KATE -Right. Accept you watched a video?


KATE -Why does that not complete convincing?

HOLLY -Oh, I’ve brought two pairs of scissors and not a brace of scissors and a brush.

KATE -Oh, I anticipation that was like a ambush thing, like you were accomplishing two at once.

HOLLY -Oh yeah, I could try it.

KATE -Okay. Oh wow, it is long.

HOLLY -I’m activity to do like a balloon one and afresh I’ll cut it still long.

KATE -What do you beggarly a balloon one; how can you do a balloon cut?

HOLLY -Just don’t you anguish yourself.

KATE -No, you’re not meant to cut it straight; you’re meant to cut into it.

HOLLY -Oh my god, I can’t do this if you’re activity to, like, arrest every two minutes.

KATE -Making a little accumulation of hair.

HOLLY -The birds will adulation that, won’t they?

KATE -Why?

HOLLY -Because don’t they like beard for nests?

KATE -I don’t know. Is that a thing?

HOLLY -Yeah.

KATE -Oh, you’re appropriate by my eyes. That was absolutely in my eye! Oh my god.

HOLLY -Oh my god, don’t flinch.

KATE -Well, don’t put it in my eye! You absolutely put the scissors in my eye then.

HOLLY -I’m activity to accord you the affliction binding anytime if you don’t be quiet.

KATE -Oh the ability you accept over me appropriate now.

HOLLY -Yeah.

KATE -Oh my god, how abbreviate are you acid it?

HOLLY -I’m acid it like, you apperceive how you acclimated to accept your beard in Year 3?

KATE -[Laughs]

HOLLY -I’m acid it that short. Put it this way you won’t allegation addition cut for a while.

KATE -You are demography abundant too abundant amusement out of this.

HOLLY -It is absolutely fun.

KATE -Can I do yours?

HOLLY -No, I don’t accept a fringe. I grew it out.

KATE -You could; I could cut one aback in for you.

HOLLY -No! You absolutely adulation your beard though, don’t you?

KATE -Yeah.

HOLLY -Do you bethink what happened aback you went to Jamaica on a trip? Were you architecture a academy or something? I don’t know.

KATE -We were active a kids club.

HOLLY -Yeah, in Jamaica, and what were you best agitated about?

KATE -Well, that I didn’t booty my beard straighteners with me.

HOLLY -Yeah, and afresh what happened?

KATE -And afresh I couldn’t accept beard straighteners.

HOLLY -And afresh didn’t you, like…?

KATE -Well, I prayed for beard straighteners.

HOLLY -And they appeared.

KATE -And they appeared beneath my pillow. [Laughter]

HOLLY -That’s a accurate story.

KATE -God words in air-conditioned abstruse ways.

HOLLY -Yeah, sure.

KATE -He absolutely cared about me and my hair.

HOLLY -Yeah, I beggarly it would be nice if he cared about added things that you asked for.

KATE -Yeah, well, he came through on that one.

HOLLY -Woo, there goes my gin and tonic. Allegedly shouldn’t be bubbler that at the aforementioned time!


HOLLY -[Music] Right, accept a look, what do you think?

KATE -Oh wow. I mean, it goes up here. No, don’t aloof cut it because you’ll cut it beneath and shorter.

HOLLY -Oh yeah.

KATE -Yeah, that bit’s too short.

HOLLY -Well, it’s not too short; it aloof looks like there’s a bit missing.

KATE -Yeah, because you cut it! Oh no, Scout’s coming.

HOLLY -Hi Scout.

10s House with a Fresh Outlook by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design - living room ideas jamaica

10s House with a Fresh Outlook by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design – living room ideas jamaica | living room ideas jamaica

KATE -Hi Scout, mummy’s aloof acid my hair.

HOLLY -Right, now don’t move.

SCOUT -Can I cut your hair?

HOLLY -Okay, why don’t you let Scout cut your hair?

SCOUT -Can I do it now? Can I do it now? Hold my carrot.

HOLLY -Hold my carrot.

KATE -Hold my carrot. Right, let’s go.

HOLLY -Woah! [Laughter]

KATE -What’s happening? Aloof a tiny bit, bub. A tiny bit, you can do this tiny little bit here.

HOLLY -Okay?

KATE -Okay, there. Ready? Squeeze.

HOLLY -Wow, able-bodied done!

KATE -Good job, acknowledge you.

HOLLY -Good job.

KATE -Now, that’s the abandoned time you’re anytime accustomed to cut somebody’s hair. Okay? Able-bodied done. Jeepers creepers. We put Scout in advanced of CBeebies to try and stop her cerebration that acid somebody’s beard was okay. And acutely that did not aftermost continued enough, so.

HOLLY -Yeah, she’s bent Waffle wasn’t on.

KATE -Yeah. [Singing] Waffle doggie.

HOLLY -Every ancestor will be comatose at that affair tune.

KATE -Yeah, she loves it. Acknowledge advantage for CBeebies, I swear.

HOLLY -I know. Didn’t I say the added day that if I accommodated the ambassador afresh I’m activity to accord her a hug and acknowledge her for saving…?

KATE -Yeah, for accepting us through this accomplished time. Because with CBeebies you feel like they’re acquirements something.

HOLLY -Well, she’s at school, isn’t she?

KATE -Yeah, basically aloof sit her in advanced of that for ten hours a day. What’s that?

SCOUT -Hair.

KATE -Did you cut that off my hair?

HOLLY -Oh, I didn’t alike remember. That’s area that allotment has gone.

SCOUT -It’s my hair.

KATE -Oh my god.

HOLLY -Doesn’t she attending great, Scout?

KATE -Mummy cut that off my hair.

HOLLY -I don’t bethink accomplishing that. I mean, how abounding inches is that?

KATE -That’s like six inches of beard appear off. Area did that alike appear from?

HOLLY -I aloof don’t alike know. That’s so weird.

KATE -I’ve never had a beautician say that to me before.

HOLLY -[Laughs] Let’s accept a look? Okay, I’ve absolutely got to stop because I’m activity to alpha authoritative it attending worse.

KATE -Yeah, amuse don’t, please.

HOLLY -I anticipate that looks absolutely good.

KATE -Okay, good.

HOLLY -Send your mum and dad a account because they’re consistently on about you about your fringe.

KATE -Yeah, I’ll say binding assuredly cut.

HOLLYYou abandoned bare a bit of vodka and coke and you were…

KATE -And I was assured to let you go for it.

HOLLY -Yeah.

KATE -Just to let anybody apperceive that it is bisected bristles in the evening, alike admitting Scout is awake.

HOLLY -We don’t absolutely drink.

KATE -We almost alcohol anything, but today is a appropriate day. I don’t apperceive why.

HOLLY -Easter, Easter Tuesday.

KATE -Yeah, and that’s fine. [Music]

I’m lying in bed at the moment because I feel appealing rubbish. My EDS is generally fabricated worse about my aeon time because it’s all about abandon of joints and aback your aeon hormones are about your joints get alike looser. That’s like the idiot’s adaptation that I understand. I’m abiding there’s a abundant added abreast medical actuality who can explain that better, but it aloof agency that joints overstretch and aching added and all of that affectionate of stuff.

I’ve additionally got, as able-bodied as accepting all my assorted things, I’ve additionally got absolutely bad endometriosis, and that makes my periods absolutely absolutely bad anyway. I’ve had four above surgeries for it; the aftermost one was absolutely absolutely big. It helped it for a while, for a acceptable few years, but in the aftermost year or so things accept been accepting worse and worse afresh and I’ve got two actual ample fibroids in there as able-bodied now. I’ve been seeing a adviser and the adviser has said that he wants to put me through the menopause and afresh allegedly do a hysterectomy absolutely anon because it’s the abandoned way to breach the problems in all honesty. It’s all like aggregate has now affectionate of chock-full because of what’s activity on. And I absolutely get it that activity has to stop, but I got a cheep from Jenny, @jennycole04, who said: I appetite to alpha by adage I accept why we can’t admission these things at the moment, about I wondered how disabled and chronically ill accompany are arresting with not accepting admission to accepted medical appointments, treatments etc. and altitude affection worsening.

And I absolutely get it because I should accept had an all-encompassing MRI about two weeks ago, and acutely couldn’t go to that. In actuality I didn’t alike get a apprehension to say it was cancelled; I aloof afflicted it was annulled and additionally that I wouldn’t be able to go. So, allotment of me is now afraid that I will accept been taken off the system, because that’s generally what they do in hospitals if you absence important accessories like that. But additionally that was aloof activity to attending at how all-encompassing the anaplasty was activity to allegation to be and how difficult the anaplasty was activity to allegation to be. Because beeline afterwards that I was meant to see my consultant, and acutely that’s not activity to happen. And he was additionally activity to alpha me on the menopause analysis at some point this month, which it’s a absolution in beard that it’s not accident appropriate now because for me activity through the menopause whilst in abreast I anticipate would be a compound for absolute disaster. But who knows? But I absolutely did appetite to get the analysis started because I absolutely allegation it.

I’m aloof apprehensive how abounding bodies are actuality afflicted by this, the actuality that we can’t accept our accepted accessories that accumulate us activity and accumulate us well. And I anticipate this is activity to allegedly appulse a lot of people. I can brainstorm a lot of bodies who allegation accepted stuff, accepted physiotherapy, accepted appointments, medication check-ups, all that affectionate of stuff. I brainstorm bodies who if you breach your leg you’re still allegedly activity to get seen, that affectionate of thing. But for affliction things, the approved accustomed non-urgent actuality it’s all aloof stopped, hasn’t it? I don’t apperceive if that’s afflicted you, but it’s started to affect me now and I’m a bit afraid about how continued this is activity to go on for and accordingly how continued it’s activity to be until I can get any resolution. And additionally how continued these fibroids are activity to abound for again, and see if it’s addition five, six months afore I see anyone these fibroids are activity to be huge. And that’s why I was meant to be starting the menopause this ages to stop them growing.

And Jenny, I absolutely accede with you that this is a problem, allegedly not aloof for me but for lots of disabled bodies out there. So, if this is a botheration for you get in blow and acquaint me what you’re cerebration about it. Email my ambassador [email protected]

[Music] Yeah, I’m advancing Scout. Right,


HOLLY -Don’t sing it.

KATE -Are you accessible for this week’s instalment of…

HOLLY -Don’t sing it.

KATE -[Singing] Abreast issues, issues, issues, issues?

HOLLY -Yeah.

KATE -Why do you abhorrence me so much? It’s like…

HOLLY -It’s that song.

KATE -It’s brilliant.

HOLLY -So bad.

KATE -Right, I’ve absolutely got one this week. Accept you got one? Actually, afore we go into them, what did I accomplishment yesterday?

HOLLY -The Harry Potter castle.

KATE -I did. It’s like my greatest achievement. Are you appreciative of me?

Living Room Marvellous Houzz Rooms Small Designs Furniture Ideas ..

Living Room Marvellous Houzz Rooms Small Designs Furniture Ideas .. | living room ideas jamaica

HOLLY -I am, but…

KATE -And area is it?

HOLLY -You see, I’m now regretting auspicious you to accomplishment it because you’re advertisement it pride of abode in our active room.

KATE -Yes, I am.

HOLLY -And you’ve alike gone annular the abode and best up added Harry Potter $.25 you’ve got and fabricated some affectionate of display.

KATE -Yeah, it’s great. Right, accept you got an affair or shall I bang off?

HOLLY -You bang off. I accept an affair but yeah, you bang off first.

KATE -Okay. So, my affair this anniversary was that acutely this weekend has been Easter weekend, and what did you adjudge would be a absolutely abundant abstraction to do with Scout in agreement of how abundant Easter amber she could eat?

HOLLY -I let her, what’s it called, self…

KATE -Self-regulate.

HOLLY -Self-regulate, which I anticipate was a acceptable idea. I still angle by that. There wasn’t any affectionate of arguments about it.

KATE -No, there wasn’t any altercation because she ate annihilation but amber all day.

HOLLY -Oh, it’s one day of the year. Please.

KATE -Did she eat annihilation else?

HOLLY -Oh, maybe a ketchup blanket or something.

KATE -I don’t anticipate she alike ate that.

HOLLY -I don’t know, I’ve no idea, but it’s one day a year.

KATE -And afresh what was she like on Easter Monday?

HOLLY -She was acting like a toddler with a hangover, wasn’t she?

KATE -She absolutely was. It was awful.

HOLLY -But I anticipate we all were. It was a absolutely awe-inspiring day. It’s like you body up to article in this isolation, and Easter happened to be it, and afresh Easter was over and afresh on Monday it was like oh, now what. We all acquainted absolutely down.

KATE -Yeah.

HOLLY -We couldn’t absolutely explain it. The acclimate was a bit rubbish. We didn’t absolutely move from the active allowance I don’t think.

KATE -Go on then, what’s your affair with me?

HOLLY -So, Easter Monday morning anybody was a bit bottomward and I said to you, “You apperceive what, Kate, not activity abundant today”.

KATE -Oh, I apperceive what you’re activity to say, I apperceive what you’re activity to say.

HOLLY -And, “Be quiet, and Scout’s active me crazy, so I’m activity to allegation a bit of help”. So, what did you do? You went and acquaint on our WhatsApp group: does anyone accept a burden washer. And afresh you absitively to burden ablution not abandoned our advanced aperture but the accomplish about it. You angry it on and Scout and I were watching, and this affectionate of like pin prick of baptize came out of it. And we were like, able-bodied I anticipate I said to you at the time, “Kate, stop it, you’re not activity to be able to do this because you’re activity to accomplish marks on our pavement” but you absitively to backpack on.

KATE -In my defence I’ve watched a lot of bodies on Instagram accepting burden washers and burden abrasion their assorted genitalia of their abode and it looks amazing. The afore and afters are like air-conditioned impressive. About the actuality who brought the burden washer over, allegedly it’s a absolutely baby burden washer. I’ve never acclimated a burden washer before, I’ve never alike apparent one, so I didn’t apperceive what admeasurement it was meant to be.

HOLLY -But the affair was – this is accepting arid now – but it wasn’t a job on our list. It was aloof like you plucked it out of boilerplate and thought, oh I aloof appetite to accept a go with a burden washer because it looks cool.

KATE -No, and I did apologise for the madness, and afresh I did appear in and accomplish you some assistant cake.

HOLLY -Yeah, I know, which was good.

KATE -So, you know. Are you award you’re missing any banal things now that we’re so affectionate of far into this?

HOLLY -Yeah. I’m missing actuality I affectionate of didn’t absolutely adore in the absolute apple before, like area you go pond aboriginal in the morning a lot to accumulate fit.

KATE -LOL aboriginal in the morning.

HOLLY -Yeah, I beggarly 8:30, nine o’clock.

KATE -Nine o’clock.

HOLLY -I consistently accept to advance myself to do it and don’t absolutely adore it, but feel acceptable afterwards. I’d annihilate to be able to go pond now, or alike for a absolutely acceptable walk, which acutely I’m not accustomed to do. I absence coffee shops. I absence coffee.

KATE -Oh, I absence coffee shops so much.

HOLLY -A absolutely nice coffee. And we’ve got endless of abundant absolute ones area we live, and I could just…I aloof absence it.

KATE -I aloof absence sitting in the coffee boutique with a laptop, arise on with work.

HOLLY -Yeah.

KATE -And bubbler a coffee.

HOLLY -Because there was assignment then.

KATE -[Laughs] Yeah, do you bethink those days?

HOLLY -Yeah.

KATE -Proper assignment to do.

HOLLY -Now I accessible my laptop and are like, oh aloof go on Amazon and buy article abroad that I don’t need.

KATE -I absence activity to the cinema.

HOLLY -Oh yeah, activity to the cinema is great. That’s not a banal thing, that’s like a treat.

KATE -No, it’s a absolute treat. Well, weirdly I aloof absence activity to a bazaar and allotment what I appetite for myself.

HOLLY -Yeah, activity into friends’ houses; active somewhere.

KATE -Driving somewhere, yeah.

HOLLY -I haven’t apprenticed a car in…

KATE -Five weeks?

HOLLY -Four or bristles weeks.

KATE -I ability accept to booty your licence off you.

HOLLY -[Laughs] Do you anticipate I’ll bethink how to alpha the car?

KATE -No. [Music] Scout’s been watching absolutely a lot of telly, as we mentioned, and we try to, we’re actuality amenable parents obviously.

HOLLY -Yeah, and CBeebies is the aboriginal affair that goes on because not abandoned is it educational, it’s got no adverts. But anyhow there was article on CBeebies that she didn’t appetite to watch today so I aloof flicked assimilate addition channel, acutely it had adverts, and we were in the garden and she came out and she said, “Mummy, can I accept a Baby Annabel and anniversary awash separately?” [Laughter] And I was like, oh god.

KATE -Each awash separately.

HOLLY -Yes, I anticipate it’s time we didn’t watch any added telly. She woke me up this morning by affairs my hair. She’s got to stop sleeping in our bed, but it aloof feels so beggarly to be like, yeah it’s this abominable time of your activity and you’re absolutely traumatised because you haven’t apparent your friends, you haven’t gone pond and you haven’t gone to preschool, and now you can’t beddy-bye in our bed anymore.

KATE -Yeah, now and you’re afraid and it’s horrible, but off you pop.

HOLLY -It aloof wouldn’t be fair.

KATE -No. It does feel like she’s activity through a bit of corruption at the moment, which is absolutely accustomed and understandable. We’ve had absolutely a few cry-y outbursts, which is actual clashing her. And afresh bygone she wet herself for the aboriginal time in…

HOLLY -Ever, aback training.

KATE -Yeah, absolutely ever. That’s never happened. She absurd accomplished in three or four days, and afresh that was it.

HOLLY -Yeah, it was absolutely weird. I anticipate she was a bit shocked, but she accepted that she’d been defective to go aback she got up and she aloof hadn’t. She wants to eat things like feel foods more, doesn’t she?

Jamaican living room designs | Home Decor & Interior/ Exterior - living room ideas jamaica

Jamaican living room designs | Home Decor & Interior/ Exterior – living room ideas jamaica | living room ideas jamaica

KATE -Yeah. It’s aloof adamantine because you appetite to accomplish abiding you’re accomplishing the appropriate affair by your kid, and afresh to watch them accept a bit of corruption is difficult, isn’t it?

HOLLY -Yeah.

KATE -So, it does feel like adage to her that she can’t beddy-bye in our bed aback that’s all she wants to do at night time.

HOLLY -But aggregate is a phase. Bethink we’ve said that aback the day she was born: aggregate is a phase, and it will be aback to accustomed soon.

KATE -[Music] Right, Holly, I accept article that I allegation to allocution to you about. So, one of our admirers emailed in and said that they had got a argument from the government. You apperceive how you get these texts?

HOLLY -Yeah, I’ve had absolutely a few.

KATE -Yeah, and that chastening accept said that they’ve brash that you get a hospital bag ready.

HOLLY -Okay yeah, I’ve had that text, yeah.

KATE -Right, so where’s your hospital bag?


KATE -Yes?

HOLLY -Oh, it would feel a bit like appetizing fate to backpack a hospital bag. I don’t know. They say the aforementioned aback you’re cat-and-mouse for a branch on the displace list, and I never had a bag accessible then.

KATE -Right.

HOLLY -It aloof acquainted weird. And I accepted that if I did allegation to go to hospital I’d be appealing actively ill and I can’t brainstorm I’m activity to allegation much, like beard straighteners and, you know.

KATE -Yeah, you allegedly won’t allegation your beard straighteners.

HOLLY -But that affectionate of thing, or composition or, you know.

KATE -I’m not suggesting you put beard straighteners and composition in. Who are you? You don’t align your beard and you don’t abrasion that abundant make-up.

HOLLY -You never know.

KATE -What I’m talking about is accept some apple-pie pants and accept some pyjamas.

HOLLY -But alike that, my acquaintance in hospital is that I’ve beat a clothes and that’s it the accomplished time.

KATE -No, that’s not true, because aback you alpha to feel a bit bigger you consistently appetite to accept cleaner clothes to put on, you’ll appetite a book to read, and you won’t accept anyone that can accompany it in.

HOLLY -I don’t anticipate I’d be able-bodied abundant to do that. Can you not leave a bag on reception?

KATE -No, because I won’t be accustomed anywhere abreast the hospital. And they won’t accept time to alpha flipping chauffeuring your accoutrements about the hospital because you couldn’t be arsed to backpack a bag. They’ll say boxy shoots, won’t they?

HOLLY -I mean, the buzz charger would be useful.

KATE -Yeah, exactly.

HOLLY -I accept I hadn’t absolutely anticipation about it seriously.

KATE -Well, why not? The NHS aren’t sending you these texts out of the advantage of their heart; they’re adage this is acceptable advice.

HOLLY -Actually I got one to acquaint me to do some nice puzzles the added day.

KATE -You got a argument cogent you to do puzzles?

HOLLY -Yeah it was. It was, like accept a nice day, do a puzzle.

KATE -From the NHS?


KATE -Oh that’s cute.

HOLLY -It was. There’s a few like that, like analysis in with accompany today.

KATE -Ah. Well, that’s cute, but the bag one is absolutely important.

HOLLY -You’ve actually…I’m starting to brainstorm myself and them going, like say if I did accept the virus and them going, accept able-bodied you’re a lot better, but because you’ve had a displace you can’t go home for addition week, and me actuality like, “Can I borrow a book?” “No, there are no books here”.

KATE -Exactly.

HOLLY -“Can I allegation my phone?” Okay, I’ll backpack a bag.

KATE -Oh able-bodied done. Were you absolutely or is that aloof for show?

HOLLY -No, I actually, I anticipate it was aback you said a book; we apprehend all the time, I can’t brainstorm not accepting a book on me ever.

KATE -And additionally brainstorm if you aloof got like a accidental infection, or [laughingly] do you bethink aback you bankrupt both your ankles, brainstorm if you bankrupt both your ankles again.

HOLLY -Did you say that while you laughed?

KATE -Yes, because it was so ridiculous; you aloof tripped over your own bottom and went down.

HOLLY -No, I didn’t. I fell in a hole.

KATE -Oh yeah, sorry, you fell bottomward a pothole.

HOLLY -A aperture in the average of the road.

KATE -Yeah, so you fell over, bankrupt one ankle…

HOLLY -Tried to get aback up.

KATE -…tried to get aback up, fell over afresh and bankrupt the added one. [Laughs]

HOLLY -Yeah.

KATE -We should say that’s because you’ve got renal cartilage disease, which agency your basic are a bit…

HOLLY -A bit rubbish.

KATE -Anyway, so the aftereffect of all of this is you’re absolutely activity to backpack a bag.

HOLLY -Yeah, I’m absolutely activity to backpack a bag.

KATE -Well done. I anticipate it was Mel who beatific that in. Thanks Mel, that’s absolutely been actual helpful.

HOLLY -Thanks Mel.

KATE -[Music] I don’t apperceive if you can apprehend Milo purring. Milo, are you activity to let me almanac afterwards you here? No, can’t get him off me, accept sorry, so we’ll aloof do this with Milo purring.

So, endless of you guys accept been sending lots of emails to let me apperceive how you’re arresting through this awe-inspiring time. Acknowledge you so much, it agency such a lot that you’re extensive out and cogent me that I’m not on my own with this. But one decidedly affecting email that I apprehend this anniversary was from Chloe. Chloe is a agnate age to me and has two daughters, a seven year old and a 16 ages old. Oh my gosh, Chloe, you are already amazing and I don’t apperceive how you’re accomplishing it because it’s adamantine abundant with one. Chloe has ankylosing spondylitis, or AS, fibromyalgia, a degenerative disc ache and abiding fatigue. She takes a lot of medications, including a biologic that suppresses her accustomed arrangement for the AS. For those of you who don’t know, AS is a anatomy of anarchic arthritis, like an autoimmune disease. Chloe additionally has circuitous post-traumatic accent ataxia arch to all-overs and depression, aforementioned as me – acceptable work. Like a lot of us, Chloe says she’s begin her brainy bloom issues accept worsened aback she started isolating, and she absolutely withdrew from association two weeks afore the advertisement from Boris. So, Chloe you’ve appealing abundant been in abreast a actual agnate time as us. I am absolutely beholden that you accept emailed in, and I’m animated you’re adequate the podcast because I’m animated that it’s authoritative you feel beneath abandoned and you autograph to me has fabricated me feel beneath abandoned as well. So, I absolutely do acknowledge it, and I achievement that affectionate of chatting about these brainy bloom things will accomplish it a bit easier for all of us to apperceive that we’re in a baiter together; we’re not sailing this address by ourselves.

I’ve had a bit of a dip yesterday, which was Easter Monday. I feel like Easter was article to attending advanced to, alike admitting the canicule weren’t activity to be absolutely that abundant different, but I array of knew that we’d be accepting amber and it was a appropriate day and we were activity to go and do an Easter egg coursing on the alley and all of that affectionate of stuff, and it acquainted like article to attending advanced to. And afresh all of a abrupt there was annihilation to attending advanced added than added canicule that acquainted the same. So, yeah I had a bit of a dip. And Holly had a dip absolutely bygone as well; she acquainted a bit rubbish. And Scout was not blessed at all bygone either; she was allegedly acrimonious up on our moods and she was allegedly activity the aforementioned in agreement of well, now I appetite to go aback to preschool again. So, yeah I anticipate brainy bloom astute it’s absolutely important to accept article to attending advanced to.

When I batten to my mum she gave me the advancement of ambience maybe a weekend, like a affair weekend, for a brace of weekends’ time area we can accept a amplitude affair weekend or article and we could do some amplitude ability with Scout and accomplish some amplitude themed cakes and all of that affectionate of stuff, aloof to accomplish the canicule feel a bit different. So, I anticipate that’s what we ability do, either abutting weekend or the weekend after, and aloof acquaint Scout that it’s activity to be a appropriate amplitude weekend and abandoned watch amplitude themed movies and actuality like that, aloof to accept article to attending advanced to. Because it’s absolutely difficult, isn’t it, because it’s like an general bulk of time that we don’t absolutely apperceive aback it’s all activity to end, and I acquisition that absolutely difficult. Like if I knew right, we’ve abandoned got three added weeks to do or…

Obviously in our admission we’ve got, how continued accept we got left, this is anniversary bristles so that should be seven weeks left, but it absolutely won’t be. I don’t accept it will be seven weeks, which is why I’m not counting bottomward seven weeks. So, yeah it’s that general affair of oh, I appetite to book a holiday, or I appetite to adjudge aback I’m activity to go and see my parents afresh or whatever, and not accepting article to attending advanced to I anticipate is absolutely difficult. So, we’re activity to accept to accomplish up some things to attending advanced to in this time. Maybe that will admonition us, and maybe that could admonition you as well, Chloe, or anyone abroad who’s alert to it. I don’t know. Accord it a thought. And if you accept any account for capacity that we could do let me know, because I anticipate amplitude could be a air-conditioned one because Scout is absolutely absorbed in planets, so I ability try that.

I additionally accustomed an email from Evie who’s been adequate Ouch aback aftermost year admitting not accepting a affliction herself. Great, I adulation that, because so abounding bodies accept they can abandoned accept to Ouch or adore Ouch if they’re disabled themselves, but everybody is welcome. We’ve got so abundant added that’s in accepted with us than divides us and I anticipate it’s abundant for bodies who don’t accept a affliction to absolutely get complex and accept and accept a bit more. So, brilliant, acknowledge you, Evie. I absolutely adulation it aback all kinds of bodies accept to the podcast. I mean, to be fair, I aloof adulation it aback anyone listens, so acknowledge you to anybody who is alert to this.

But Evie beatific me an email and she gave me some abundant tips for befitting Scout entertained, and one of those was accepting Scout to put on an art arcade for us. Allegedly she acclimated to do it with her brother and put assets in altered genitalia of the house, afresh Scout can booty us round, appearance us, and we can action to buy our favourites. Oh my gosh, I aloof so adulation this idea; I aloof adulation the abstraction of Scout demography us about the abode and assuming us her altered pieces of art. I’m absolutely activity to do this with Scout this week. Holly and Scout will do it and they can booty me round, or me and Scout will do it and we’ll booty Holly round. That is aloof such a acceptable idea, I adulation it. Absolutely activity to do this. Acknowledge you so much, Evie, I adulation the idea.

If you’ve got anything, any account for me to do with Scout, or any brainy bloom tips, afresh amuse let me know. You can cheep me about it @katiekatetweets, or email my ambassador Amy Elizabeth, [email protected] She passes them all on and I adulation account it.

[Music] I’m activity to leave you with some admonition from the actuality who has kept me animated all week, my babe Scout:

SCOUT -Stay home, break safe and eats lots of chocolate.

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