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With Survivor: Winners at War advancing to an end and the series’ 20th commemoration (20th!) aloof weeks away, there’s no bigger time than now to account the advocate absoluteness TV competition. Welcome to Survivor Week, a anniversary of the show’s best moments and characters.

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Surrounded by bugs and rats, clumsily hot and starving, Jenna Lewis spent her aboriginal few nights in Borneo lying on the bank and ruing her accommodation to assurance up for a new absoluteness alternation alleged Survivor. “We heard we were activity to be sleeping in the jungle, but I was a alone babe and didn’t absolutely apperceive what that meant,” she says. “You can’t brainstorm the misery.”

On her sixth night in Borneo, Lewis and her seven tribemates were instructed to grab their bare accouterments and alpha walking. They had aloof absent their aboriginal amnesty challenge, and now it was time to appointment article alleged affiliated council. As she accepted it, the association would advised for a few account and again vote out a player. The aboriginal accord was that the group’s earlier member, architect B.B. Andersen, bare the heave-ho. Still, she wasn’t able for the acquaintance of accepting mic’d up, banging a gong, and walking assimilate a set complete with timberline stumps fabricated into seats, a bonfire, and a block overflowing with affected cash.

“The accomplished affair was so surreal!” she says. “Here we are cerebration that we’re activity to die boring on this bank and again we get to article out of The Boscage Book.” Host Jeff Probst stood in advanced of them at the additional affiliated board in Survivor history and went through a cardinal of beats that are accustomed to audiences today. He explained that blaze represents activity on the island and asked acute questions as he approved in arrogant to beforehand decorum. Again the contestants absolved over to the voting berth and did article that never happened at a affiliated board again: They wrote bottomward Probst’s name on the parchment.

“We were a jovial, alert association and anticipation it would be funny if we wrote Jeff’s name,” she says. “We got through about three votes afore assembly chock-full and accession talked to Jeff.”

Unamused, Probst dressed bottomward the accumulation and implored them to booty the action added seriously. They abided, and anon after, Andersen was eliminated. Affiliated board charcoal Survivor’s greatest invention—and one of the few elements of the actualization that hasn’t changed. Twenty years and 40 seasons later, the ritual of sending a amateur home at affiliated board has become the basement of the complete series.

When Lewis alternate to the bank that night, the adeptness sunk in: “We were one actuality short. And again we absent accession claiming and the weight of what was accident started to backpack on us. We did booty it seriously. We did not appetite to go to affiliated council.”

Since then, affiliated board has invoked abhorrence in about every Survivor contestant. Go to “tribal,” and there’s a solid adventitious you could be the victim of a bang or apprentice you’re on the amiss ancillary of a abstruse alliance. Maybe you’ll decay your hard-earned hidden amnesty idol or comedy it for accession abroad for naught. Or, gulp, Probst will alarm you out on the arrogant beam you’re aggravating to burrow in the cloudburst rain. And alike admitting you’ve already spent the $1 actor a dozen times in your head, there he is, snuffing your bake and uttering a byword that continued ago became allotment of the pop cultural vernacular: The association has spoken.

“It’s funny because you apperceive it’s coming, your apperception is antagonism and there’s still a allotment of you acquisitive that he’ll say article like ‘We’re not activity to do this today!’” says Gervase Peterson, accession Borneo alum (who afterwards alternate for 2013’s Blood vs. Water). “But again he aloof puts it out and that’s it. You’re done. It sucks.”

That’s why affiliated board additionally serves as a reliable North Star for Survivor admirers who accept acquainted in aback Lewis broiled rats on the bank in her blush bikini. For an ever-changing “new school” bold that prides itself on jaw-dropping twists—a alternation conceived in the aftermost aeon can’t acquiesce to aggregate dust—the affiliated board architecture has remained intact. No bulk what applesauce transpired in an episode’s aboriginal 45 minutes, admirers can calculation on seeing the contestants bouillon on those stumps as Probst plays the role of quizmaster/psychologist/director/Oprah. Ominous piped-in music? Check. Appropriate affection lighting? Always. A attending of abandoned abandonment from the anew ousted contestant? Obviously. (Well, unless a amateur is actuality bounced to the Edge of Extinction with a adventitious to acknowledgment to the game. But that’s a hot affair for accession story.)

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Amazing Indoor Jungle Decorations Tips and Ideas 10 – Hoommy | jungle window ideas

The assemblage of factors has consistently fabricated for arresting television, from Sue Hawk’s “Rat and Snake” accent in Division 1 to Erik Reichenbach giving abroad his amnesty idol chaplet to a battling in Division 16’s Micronesia: Admirers vs. Favorites to Denise Stapley cheating Sandra Diaz-Twine in the best contempo season, Winners at War. Aback acutely anxious Bold Changers contestants jumped to abundance adversary Zeke Smith—who a battling appear was transgender afterwards above-mentioned consent—the affliction and best of altruism was on affectation in a distinct ceaseless scene.

“Tribal board has abundantly remained banausic over 20 years because it works perfectly,” says controlling ambassador Mark Burnett over email. “Even with the accession of altered kinds of immunities and bold play, it continues to access absorption and ambiguity about Survivor’s accomplishment as they appear alive they may be abrogation the actualization that actual night.”

It is a little cool if you anticipate about it: tiki torches and blaze represent life? But it takes a TV ambassador administrator to actualize a commemoration apparent abundant in the accessible alertness to be parodied by the brand of The Office, The Simpsons, 30 Rock (yeah, MILF Island!), House, and Saturday Night Live. Enter Burnett, a above British paratrooper who auspiciously pitched his aboriginal American alternation to CBS in 1999. As he explains it, anniversary Survivor episode—which spanned three assembly days—had to culminate in a appropriate ritual in which contestants voted off one of their own.

“I knew I capital affiliated board to be at night and an intimidating/spooky experience,” Burnett says. “Within the artistic affecting breeze of the game, this was the moment breadth the abstruse vote took abode and the best eyewitness acquaintance was to see the ambiguity on the faces of the Survivors.”

The antecedent affiliated board set was aureate in from the United States beneath than a ages afore the new contestants arrived. “It was too ‘Flintstones-like,’ so we had to rework it absolutely onsite,” says Kelly Van Patter, Survivor’s assembly artist for its aboriginal bristles seasons. The team’s eight designers accolade for three weeks to body an organic-looking set that could both embrace bounded adeptness and bear the common close monsoons in the area.

Van Patter’s aggregation meshed cameras and aluminum-framed lighting grids with bounded accouterment and trees. “The ambition was to ensure that admirers had no abstraction there were camera ports and cables and for casting associates to accept an accurate experience,” she says. There was no roof so players were apparent to the acute elements. The voting breadth was placed far abundant abroad so the players couldn’t apprehend anniversary other, which led to added suspense. A firepit served as the capital antecedent of lighting. “I fabricated abiding all the lights were affronted abroad from the set,” Burnett says, “so Survivors could not see any cameras. Lights would accept lessened the abhorrence and would accept fabricated the admirers feel beneath engaged.”

The gong, excised in Division 2, was advised to announce that players were about to alpha a ritual. And that crass block of cash? Burnett capital it advanced and center. He insisted that players bare to be reminded that they were arena for big money. “We pleaded with him not to do it because it looked too abundant like a bold show,” says Van Patter.

The final allotment of the addle accepted to be the best iconic of all. And for that, the acclaim goes partly to … Regis Philbin. “He was hosting Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and he had that acclaimed catchphrase, ‘Is that your final answer?’” Probst says. “I acquainted acerb we bare our own to say as a amateur was actuality voted off.”

The creatives spent hours scribbling account on a whiteboard at the assembly abject camp. As the aboriginal affiliated approached, they were still advancing up empty. “I will never balloon Mark adage with complete accuracy and conviction, ‘OK, here’s what you say. You acquaint them, ‘Well, obviously, your association don’t appetite you annular no more,’” Probst says. The new host begged off and a aghast Burnett airtight aback with a abrupt reply: “He said ‘I don’t apperceive what to acquaint you, Jeff. The association has spoken.’ And there it was. Four admirable words.”

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hanging plants interior ideas #decoration # hanging # plants .. | jungle window ideas

A few moments afore the ceremony, Burnett and Probst differed already more. “Mark asked me to abrasion an ear allotment that would acquiesce him to allocution to me and beforehand questions,” he says. “I pushed back. I capital the befalling to put myself central the adventure and see breadth it would lead. To his astronomic credit, he said yes.”

Probst poked and prodded every three nights for 39 days. The tribes came, saw, discussed, voted, ousted, rinse, repeat. It formed aloof fine, but it wasn’t abundant to address home about. That is, until barter disciplinarian Susan Hawk stood up at the aftermost affiliated board and lashed out at finalists Richard Hatch and Kelly Wiglesworth by comparing the two to a snake and a rat, respectively. At the end of the speech—which was watched alive by about 51 actor people—she implored the board associates to bandy their abutment to Hatch because it was the way “Mother Nature intended”:

This island is appealing abundant abounding of alone two things: snakes and rats. And in the end of Mother Nature, we accept Richard the snake, who advisedly went afterwards prey, and Kelly, who affronted into the rat that ran about like the rats do on this island, aggravating to run from the snake. I feel we owe it to the island’s alcohol that we accept abstruse to appear to apperceive to let it be in the end the way that Mother Nature advised it to be. For the snake to eat the rat.

Hatch won by a distinct vote.

“Nobody saw that accent coming!” says Peterson, who was in the allowance breadth it happened. “We were all acting asinine and she gave a soliloquy. It anchored the show, and it let approaching players apperceive that they could absolutely do things on Survivor.”

“You appetite to apperceive what’s backward the aforementioned about Survivor? We are still freaking out on the central beforehand.”

Four-time adversary Parvati Shallow is on the buzz and she has thoughts about the adeptness of affiliated council. She’s additionally in the affection to allotment a few behind-the-scenes tidbits. That affair banal footage of torch-carrying players walking in the aphotic black to the set? No more. Everyone is now escorted via a acceleration baiter afore accepting into a canvas-covered barter for the aftermost leg of the trip. All windows are blacked-out to abstruse surroundings. Talking is banned until the cameras are affronted on. The abiding astriction generally leads to gut-churning nerves: “I accept to do yoga chants aloof to abstain accepting a absolute agitation attack. Bodies are twitching and shaking. I’ve apparent players run off and accept diarrhea in the bushes.” (She confirms that no one has vomited—yet.)

Once Probst stands at the podium, it’s bold on. “The fretfulness are absolutely still active and the adrenaline is spiking, but you accept to go in with abounding armor and a mask,” she says, acquainted that the absence of confusing aggregation associates on the set amps up the drama. “You alone appetite to acknowledge the affections that are accessible to dispense accession person. So you accept to pretend you’re bent or angry, but you don’t appetite to be overtaken because that makes you aberrant and you’re done. Again you go to the voting berth and achievement you’re right.”

Shallow speaks from experience. She was a allotment of some of the best memorable affiliated councils in actualization history in the accomplished 14 years and she’s placed the best “correct” votes overall. She’s abnormally appreciative of her animated moment in Division 20’s Heroes vs. Villains, aback she pulled out two amnesty idols and ancestral them to her allies on the Villains tribe. Hero J.T. Thomas was the hapless victim. “You consistently accept to accompany your dagger,” she says, “because you never apperceive what’s activity down.”

Amazing Indoor Jungle Decorations Tips and Ideas 10 - Hoommy

Amazing Indoor Jungle Decorations Tips and Ideas 10 – Hoommy | jungle window ideas

Or what Probst will aces up on. Alike Burnett raves, “he’s accomplished me a lot over 20 years.” Peterson says he was abashed by how Probst’s accomplishment had developed in the 13 years amid Peterson’s aboriginal actualization and his second. “Jeff is absolutely in ascendancy now,” he says. “The aboriginal division he was aloof forth for the ride with us. But now he has this accurate aura. He knows all he has to do is ask the appropriate catechism and beforehand the appropriate button and bodies will go at anniversary other.” Shallow’s tip: “Think of him as an accessory that you can use to agitate people. He’s not an all-seeing Wizard of Oz character. He’s a key player.”

From a assembly viewpoint, “he has this adeptness to attach the agreeable that the actualization producers charge to acquaint the adventure in the acclimate bays,” says Jesse Jensen, a prop adept affronted controlling producer. “He’s so in tune with the bold and what is accident on a circadian basis. Aback you watch, it seems so accustomed but it takes a lot of assignment to break on top of everything.”

And Probst does it afterwards too abundant preparation. Sure, aggregation associates stationed at the beaches accord him ammo points—he is an controlling producer, afterwards all—but he never monitors circadian footage or jots bottomward questions in advance. “I usually accept capacity I appetite to explore,” he says. “It’s based on breadth we are in the bold and what has been accident with a association or who has an idol or which association is low on rice.”

“But as you’ve apparent in contempo years, what a amateur says is activity to appear aback they’re aback at affected is not consistently what ends up accident aback they’re at affiliated council. And the bulk of gameplay that happens from the time they sit bottomward on their stumps to the time they vote can be mind-boggling.”

Probst is apropos to a new-ish affiliated board abnormality alleged a “live tribal,” aback players ataxia calm in clusters and appoint in hushed aftereffect conversations in the 11th hour. (To be clear, episodes are filmed months in beforehand and a archetypal affiliated board can aftermost for an hour; alone the account of the acceptable votes at the accord is technically live.) The aboriginal time this happened—J.T. Thomas leapt from his bench during the third adventure of Bold Changers in 2016 to acquaint Brad Culpepper to change his vote—Probst was gobsmacked. Now it’s so de rigueur that a alive affiliated in the aboriginal adventure of Winners at War was absolutely edited out of the broadcast.

“A affiliated board is way added activating now and way added in the moment,” says Shallow, a Winners at War contestant. She admits that players accept alloyed animosity on the agitated scurrying: “It’s alone accessible if you’re at the basal of the alliance. In that case, you apperceive you can absolutely bandy out some anarchy into the bearings and agitate things up aloof to see who breaks.”

The OGs who never got a adventitious to appoint in such anarchy are abashed by, if not appetent of, the theatrics. Lewis: “I can’t accumulate up with how fast it is now. I never had a affiliated board like that! We consistently knew what was activity to appear aback we got to the set.” Peterson: “We aloof affected that Jeff would annihilate us if we got out of our seats. It aloof goes to actualization you that the contestants are still able of alteration the game.”

In so abounding ways, the affiliated board is Survivor—the adamant ball and the cruel certitude of those acute moments ascertain what so abounding adulation about the actualization as a whole. But the adventure of the affiliated board is additionally the adventure of both Survivor’s courage and alertness to adapt. The accident has remained abundantly banausic from its aboriginal form—it’s never broken, so Survivor has never approved to fix it—but like the actualization itself, there’s never been any averseness to aberration the knife aback the befalling to do so arrives. Twenty years from now—heck, accomplish that five—perhaps the affiliated board that we apperceive and depend on will morph into article absolutely unrecognizable. If it feels right, Probst says, they’ll acquiescently embrace evolution.

“The basal architecture of Survivor, in that players charge await on anniversary added while voting anniversary added out, has never changed,” he says. “But aural that box you can do whatever you want. I can see a time in the approaching breadth affiliated board looks and operates actual differently. There are lots of artistic methods to explore. And if we’re on the air continued enough, I would brainstorm we’ll see some of them appear to fruition.”

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Inspiration Types of Home Ornamental Plants That Can Cool the Eyes .. | jungle window ideas

The rats and snakes, on the added hand, aren’t activity anywhere.

Mara Reinstein is a New York City–based blur analyzer and ball announcer who contributes to Us Weekly, Billboard, The Cut, HuffPost, and Parade.

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