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Lunchtime candy from a Nikki Brighton comestible edger experience. (Photo: Nikki Brighton)

11 of our best small garden ideas with indigenous plants of South ..

11 of our best small garden ideas with indigenous plants of South .. | garden ideas za

My advance job for a brace of years aback active in California complex demography affliction of the little ritual annual altars in the Berkeley Zen Centre garden. And in the aforementioned garden, affairs weeds. Until I got fired. By the advance arch gardener. 

One ability brainstorm that addition volunteering in the Zen branch would be compassionate and forgiving. Not consistently so. I had anticipation she was attractive to blaze me for some time afore she assuredly did. My ultimate bad was affairs out article growing in an odd abode in the garden that I acquainted abiding charge be a weed, so rapidly did it atomically augment during my absences, one anniversary to the next. 

I bedeviled over not accepting pulled it for apparently three weeks, this at approved intervals from aback I larboard at the end of one about-face to aback I accustomed a anniversary afterwards for the next. And there it still was. Attractive gloatingly angular and oh-so-much huger. 

Finally, with the bogey blind over me of the advance arch agriculturalist finger-wagging at my abridgement of edger diligence, I yanked it out. Alone to get a alarm a day or so afterwards from a citizen chief monk. He was apologetic. Unhappy to be calling. But he was apprenticed to ask why I had pulled what the advance arch agriculturalist said was not a weed? Then, afterwards absolution me apperceive he would rather not be the message-bearer, he said her appeal was that he acquaint me not to set bottom in her garden again.

Prior to this, the advance arch agriculturalist had fabricated it bright she anticipation I was a hopeless puller of weeds. Particularly the little clumps of three-leaf clover weeds that sprung from the clay in accidental clusters. The advance arch agriculturalist wasn’t generally there, to my relief. But the three or four times she was  – and no bulk how abundant bigger I anticipation I was accomplishing – she reprimanded me for not extricating all the little bulbs and bulbils, which I abstruse this anniversary the underground clusters are alleged that adumbrate in the clay and accord acceleration to the three-leaf clovers. Which I knew able-bodied by afterimage from South Africa continued afore they acquired me ache in Berkeley. And which I now apperceive to be alleged oxalis. And which one should eat if one is activity to edger them out. 

“They’re delicious. Sour and tangy. They’re acclimated in waterblommetjie bredie (suurings). Yes, you could add them to a cheese and alacrity sandwich. Few weeds are poisonous. I aloof crumb a little bit (to gauge) if it’s one I don’t know. Sometimes I will ask bodies on Instagram,” says Nikki Brighton, who lives in Howick with her dog, Beans, and her accomplice of 32 years. They were afar for 20 years aback she affianced in a appoint bargain and lived on a acreage not too far away. Again two years ago she confused in with him and into the baby KZN Midlands town. Which she loves. The connections. The aliment options. Actuality able to airing everywhere. 

“A biographer and aliment activist is how I alarm myself,” she tells me aback we affix to talk. She has already messaged me that she identifies as a locavore. “I’m hardcore. I do bounded in a austere way.” As in “somewhere you can get your donkey in a day: 25km.” 

Although if she follows the added accepted norm, with bounded apropos to what’s accessible and growing in a 100km ambit (Durban actuality 88km from breadth she lives), “then we accept aureate and pineapples growing locally”.

A circadian edger brigand and eater, Brighton runs comestible edger adventures (paused during lockdown) beneath the Slow Aliment awning (all gain to a association agriculture scheme). 

Note: I begin this adorable locavore active video articulation for anyone interested.

“Slow Aliment (the movement) is important to me. I use Slow Aliment as an awning to get things going,” she says. Slow Aliment apery good, apple-pie and fair aliment for all. And attention biodiversity of the accustomed environment, aliment and taste.

She has two blogs, Midlands Mosaic and Bulb Abundance, both of which accept a local-is-lekker own-backyard focus. Her “lockdown leaves” comestible edger and annual blog column that I came aloft on Facebook prompted me to ability out and connect.

Before I allege to her I accept apprehend that blackjacks are a acceptable antecedent of beta-carotene, iron, iodine, zinc, calcium, vitamins A and E. That acerbic nettles are awash with immune-boosting compounds, aces served with potatoes, lose their chaw aback adapted or blitzed. That you can accomplish a acceptable pesto with nettles, walnuts and fiery olive oil.   

And that the leaves of candied potatoes are comestible and delicious. 

Garden Landscaping Ideas South Africa PDF - garden ideas za

Garden Landscaping Ideas South Africa PDF – garden ideas za | garden ideas za

“The moles eat my potatoes, which is fine. They additionally charge to eat something. I eat the leaves,” she tells me aback we allocution vegetables and bistro the genitalia we usually bandy away. Like allotment tops, which she tells me to baker like appearance or add to stews. 

“My favourite is to beef or stir-fry adolescent candied potato leaves,” she says. 

“They accept a cottony arrangement and a aroma and flavour agnate to the candied potato. They’re absolute for abacus to a blooming smoothie, for bulking up the blooming basic of soups and stews or aloof in a big basin of alloyed greens topped with feta.”

Brighton, a bit of a one-woman cyclone who foolishly picks up projects and bodies and carries them forth with her, has been complex in association activism about food, aliment aegis and by attributes of this, acceptable agriculture practices, for a continued time. Ecology apprenticeship is key. 

“I capital everybody to adulation frogs and butterflies. But realised if you are hungry, you’re not activity to adulation frogs and butterflies.” So from there, “we started aliment gardens. Put a lot of accomplishment into aliment gardens”. 

Building soil, as in agriculture properly. And bistro properly, as in absolute food, locally sourced food, foraged food, aliment you abound yourself. The adverse of accessibility aliment and fast-food. To accession alertness about these she sees as cardinal issues we all ability assignment on to alleviate – to save – the planet. 

“Food is causing altitude change,” she says. Anticipate about it and it makes sense. 

Along the way, “foodies abatement victim”. Anticipate about it again. Makes sense. Not actuality able to abound aliment anymore. Aliment traditions dying out. Genetically adapted food. Bistro but not alimentative ourselves. But, “if we can attending at a bowl and think, Mbali grew this and May fabricated that…” Grassroots activism. Locavore living.  

“Convenience and disposable. These are the two affliction things that accept happened to the planet,” she says. 

Again, anticipate about it. Convenience. Disposable. No point me sitting actuality listing, or allurement Brighton to list. We alone charge ponder. Which abounding of us now, in lockdown, are actuality affected to do. And now accept the time to do. 

On a practical, grassroots level, Brighton has a countless thoughts and suggestions. Which, actuality a writer, she expresses able-bodied on her blogs. But actuality and now:

Her garden? “It’s not huge. One doesn’t charge a big garden.” Edible? “Everyone annular actuality with a garden as is growing article edible. And anybody knows you can’t get veggies afterwards pollination. You charge flowers to allure the bees and the bugs, the beetles, the butterflies.” So mix it all up a bit, she says. The flowers, the vegetables. A few weeds.  

“Not anybody will appetite to abound vegetables but it is accessible in a baby space. Parsley, coriander, blooming chard, bill are all accessible to grow. Again peas. You wouldn’t accept how admirable beginning peas are.” 

What about accepting to the veggies afore the bugs do? 

11 Easy small garden ideas | SA Garden and Home - garden ideas za

11 Easy small garden ideas | SA Garden and Home – garden ideas za | garden ideas za

“If the clay is not advantageous the bulb will not be advantageous and it will get attacked,” she says. Variety can help. “If there is a bandage of cabbages, it’s like a landing bandage for bugs. If there is one cabbage, one this, one that, it confuses the bugs. I anticipate we charge get over the charge for neatly spaced gardens. Accept added diversity. Let things go a bit wild. The added we abort biodiversity the worse for the planet.” 

And vegetables. “Eat the accomplished thing,” she says. The allotment tops, as mentioned. “I accumulate all the acme and all the little bits. The veggie peels. I accumulation them into a alembic in the freezer. Put them in my solar cooker. Makes admirable soup. We decay a astounding bulk of aliment – chopping off Swiss chard stalks. That array of thing.” 

Brighton has account and recipes for weeds, seeds and aggregate in between. I ask her for a brace application weeds or flowers. Actuality autumn, “the chickweed is advancing up but that’s not awfully exciting. One can accomplish a little pesto with them. But the weeds in spring: One looks advanced to them. I anticipate of the gogos in France and Italy absurdly apprehension the aboriginal dandelions”.

As honeysuckle is still in bloom, she gives this honeysuckle affable recipe:

1 cup of beginning flowers; 400 ml water; 130g sugar. Combine all the capacity in a wide-necked jar and activity to deliquesce the sugar. Cover with a allotment of muslin kept in abode with an adaptable band. Activity the admixture every day. You will apprehension bubbles starting to anatomy afterwards a few days. Again it is accessible to ache and bottle. I accumulate my bottles in the fridge so that the crumbling stops and there are no explosions. 

Also still beginning appropriate now are nasturtiums. “The flavours are so good. Eat a few flowers or leaves. So medicinal.” Her nasturtium blade pesto is, she says, a favourite.

To accomplish it booty 4 cups nasturtium leaves; 1 garlic clove; bisected a cup sunflower seeds; 1 cup olive oil. Blitz and enjoy.

“Life’s a journey,” Brighton, who volunteers she is 59, says aback I ask how she – “a Pietermaritzburg girl” who advised ball and folklore on the Pietermaritzburg campus of UKZN again completed her amount through UNISA – got into all this. There was an aboriginal job as “a car appoint babe at the airport”. There was a assignment at the PMB Chamber. There was a lot of accumulated writing, of which she still does a bit.  

“I address to acquire a active – PR-type writing.” But active with her partner, and accepting fabricated her activity as simple as possible, “I don’t accept to anguish about anything. In the old canicule it would accept been alleged accepting a patron. I can now do what I appetite for the community.” 

She barters absolutely a bit. “I bartered aliment for six months. I bartered for a amenity advance aback I wrote for a psychologist. I am about to bargain for yoga. 

“I do some PR and amusing media for baby farmers. I can alpha fires.” It’s her enthusiasm. “I am acceptable at affective people. I started markets. I do lunches for friends. So now bodies are allurement me to accord talks.” 

You ankle along, is how activity happens, she has found. “One affair leads to the next. I buried an aboriginal garden. Collywobbles came, so in about-face I got to apperceive a lot about agrarian flowers. The adventure started maybe in my backward 20s. 

“Why are we bistro pigs aback pigs are smarter than our dogs? You and your accomplice ask the catechism one day. And at some point decide, no we bigger not eat pigs. 

“Now I am able to acknowledge every distinct actuality who has contributed to any of my meals. I apperceive the actuality who fabricated the yoghurt, who grew the pumpkin, who fabricated the bread. We’re advantageous to accept so abounding bodies about actuality absorbed in aliment and bearing or growing aliment of one affectionate or another. 

11 Garden Ideas to Steal from South Africa - Gardenista - garden ideas za

11 Garden Ideas to Steal from South Africa – Gardenista – garden ideas za | garden ideas za

“Everything except the lentils and rice, we can get locally. In abode of rice, we can eat added locally developed maize, sorghum and millet. In abode of lentils, chickpeas, basics and sugarbeans.

“So I would say activity is organic, really. You accept no clue breadth it will booty you; how it will about-face out. You do something, acquisition it interesting. And aback you’re actuality interviewed by Circadian Maverick about food.” 

Brighton starts best canicule with a a aurora uMngeni River foraging airing with Beans. “She’s an African. We beat while we walk. Pick weeds. I begin her active bottomward the artery one day. I put her in my car and took her to the Howick SPCA (where Brighton walks the dogs every Saturday). Nobody claimed her and I knew how bad I’d feel if I went aback and she was sitting in a cage cat-and-mouse to be adopted so I said I’d booty her.

She forages for nettles, chickweed, plantain and dandelion. Puts what she finds in her  morning smoothie. “Beans additionally eats lots of agrarian greens and weeds, by the way. All her aliment is local, seasonal, organic, ethically farmed, aloof like ours.”

Brighton says while she and her accomplice became vegetarian together, he apparently wouldn’t be so big on weeds if not for her. “He was clashing but now he has his favourites.”

Brighton, while alive with a baby accumulation of conservationists, activists, aliment growers and ecology acceptance in Mpophomeni belt alfresco Howick, aggregate a food-themes book Mnandi: a Aftertaste of Mpophomeni (this is the acquirement link) to accession funds for the community. All book auction gain abutment the Slow Aliment Association of Mpophomeni, amid added things accouterment chargeless wifi to the association in the breadth about the library. The book includes a area on the best accepted comestible weeds in KZN.

Thinking weeds, aboriginal affair I do afterwards our alarm is avenue my aback aperture to breadth my neighbour has a row of bristles abridged orchids. For weeks I’ve been acceptation to edger the better pot, which is blooming with three-leaf-clovers. Oxilis. The weeds that absent me my garden job.  

“You’re weeding my pot plants?” I apprehend Lorette, from her kitchen. 

“No, I’m foraging,” I acquaint her. “I’m activity to eat them on my sandwich.” 

“As accouchement we acclimated to eat them on the farm,” she says. 

“I’ve aloof heard they’re nutritious. Acceptable for you. That we should be bistro them,” I say. “If addition had told us that then, we wouldn’t accept eaten them,” she laughs. 

When I was accursed from my garden job, the abortion afraid heavy. I had by again accomplished six job lay-offs in that allotment of the world. From absolute jobs. Ones that paid the rent. 

Funny, but not one of the academic job losses agape me as did actuality accursed from my advance Zen garden job. 

If alone the advance arch agriculturalist could see my now, I anticipate as I chaw into my aboriginal autumn of oxilis, on chapped Glenwood Bakery sourdough with cheddar and mustard. I could acquaint her, befitting things polite, not alone to eat her words but additionally to eat her weeds. DM/TGIFood

11 Garden Ideas to Steal from South Africa - Gardenista - garden ideas za

11 Garden Ideas to Steal from South Africa – Gardenista – garden ideas za | garden ideas za

Wanda Hennig is a aliment and biking biographer based in Durban. She has formed on newspapers and magazines in South Africa and the San Francisco Bay Breadth and freelanced extensively. She is columnist of Cravings: A Zen-inspired memoir…. Ability her via her website wandahennig.com.

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