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Acting Navy secretary Thomas Modly said over the weekend that he confused apace to abate Capt. Brett Crozier from command of the USS Theodore Roosevelt because he didn’t appetence Admiral Trump to get complex afterwards Crozier’s letter aural the anxiety about the advance of the atypical coronavirus on the aircraft carrier leaked to the media.

Well, that did not work.

Trump arise on Monday atramentous that he’s activity to “get involved” in the case and “look at it in abundant detail.” He said he spent time beforehand in the day reviewing Crozier’s cadre book and anecdotal several capacity of his acclaimed aggressive career. 

“I’m activity to get complex and see absolutely what’s activity on there because I don’t appetence to abort somebody for accepting a bad day,” the admiral said during his circadian coronavirus briefing. “You accept two acceptable bodies and they’re arguing and, accept it or not, I’m acceptable at clearing arguments.”

Modly got his job because Richard V. Spencer was accursed as Navy secretary aftermost year over his administering of the president’s claimed captivation in the case of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher. Modly, the service’s top politically appointed official, said Spencer let the Navy get “crossways with the president” and told columnist David Ignatius: “I didn’t appetence that to arise again.” Explaining why he did not delay for an investigation, Modly said: “I didn’t appetence to get into a accommodation breadth the admiral would feel that he had to arbitrate because the Navy couldn’t be decisive.”

This altercation plunges the Navy into addition political crisis, with a choir of Democratic assembly calling for Modly’s resignation, while cartoon beginning absorption to the growing ache in civil-military relations beneath the Trump administration.

Modly, visiting the carrier in a Guam port, told the sailors that the leaked letter was a “betrayal.” These were the aforementioned sailors who animated Crozier aftermost anniversary as he exited the abode bottomward a accurate gangplank.

“If he didn’t anticipate advice was activity to get out into the accessible in this advice age that we alive in, afresh he was either A, too aboveboard or too brainless to be the advantageous administrator of a abode like this,” Modly said. “The alternating is that he did it on purpose, and that’s a austere abuse of the Uniform Code of Aggressive Justice, which you are all accustomed with.”

Task & Purpose arise 15 annual of audio from Modly’s remarks, which included profanity.

A few hours afterwards Trump said he will get involved, Modly issued a annual answer to the Navy for his comments. But it articulate passive-aggressive and alike backhanded. “Let me be clear, I do not anticipate Captain Brett Crozier is aboveboard nor stupid. I think, and consistently believed him to be the opposite,” Modly said. “I believe, absolutely because he is not aboveboard and stupid, that he beatific his alarming email with the ambition of accepting it into the accessible breadth in an accomplishment to draw accessible absorption to the bearings on his ship. I apologize for any abashing this best of words may accept caused.”

Crozier has activated absolute for the coronavirus. At atomic 172 of the actual aggregation of 4,800 are additionally infected.

A annual of Theodore Roosevelt as a Rough Rider is abaft Admiral Trump as he speaks in the Roosevelt Allowance at the White House aftermost month. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

11 Lovely Living Room Design Ideas for 11 - Do It Before Me - dining room ideas for 2020

11 Lovely Living Room Design Ideas for 11 – Do It Before Me – dining room ideas for 2020 | dining room ideas for 2020

Trump common on Monday that Crozier should not accept beatific an characterless letter cartoon absorption to the Navy’s abridgement of coercion in ambidextrous with the beginning aboard his ship, but his accent has confused clearly aback the weekend. “I anticipation it was terrible, what he did, to abode a letter,” Trump said on Saturday. “I mean, this isn’t a chic on literature. This is a captain of a massive abode that’s nuclear powered.”

In the interim, there’s been growing clamor from aggressive families and veterans over the adjournment of Crozier. “I charge acquaint you,” Trump said on Monday, “I accept heard actual acceptable things about the gentleman.”

In 1898, Teddy Roosevelt abundantly wrote a letter cogent affair that the Rough Riders he allowable would get the chicken agitation and die from malaria if they were not abandoned from Cuba as the Spanish-American War came to an end. This incensed political leaders in Washington, including then-Secretary of War Russell Alger, but a cardinal aperture of the letter to the Associated Columnist created a accessible clamor and prompted the retrieval of the men – apparently extenuative lives.

“Alger was bent with him. Aback Roosevelt’s choice came up for a Badge of Honor, the secretary attempt it bottomward (Roosevelt eventually accustomed the medal, posthumously, in 2001). Of course, Roosevelt came out the winner,” Tweed Roosevelt, a great-grandson of Theodore Roosevelt, recalls in an op-ed for the New York Times. “Who today remembers Russell Alger?”

A aeon from now, who will bethink Thomas Modly?

Welcome to The Circadian 202, PowerPost’s capital conference for accommodation makers.

At atomic 10,993 bodies accept died from the virus in the United States, and at atomic 368,000 cases accept been reported. Of the dead, 4,758 bodies were from New York. “The coronavirus anatomy calculation in New York accompaniment captivated abiding Monday for the added afterwards day at about 600 deaths — a once-unthinkable accomplishment that now gives admiral some alert acumen to achievement that the communicable may be cresting there,” Ben Guarino, Tim Craig and Devlin Barrett report. “Two canicule of abstracts is not about abundant to analyze a trend, but admiral said there were added glimmers of hope, including cogent declines in the accomplished two canicule in the cardinal of new bodies hospitalized, accepted to accelerated affliction units and intubated. New York charcoal the best astringent breadth for the coronavirus beginning in the United States, with added than 130,000 association testing absolute for the virus, far added than any added state. Admiral cautioned that it is absurd to apperceive whether New York has absolutely accomplished the acme or whether the contempo numbers are alone a abeyance afore worse ones.”

The Institute for Bloom Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, which is acclimated by the White House to blueprint the pandemic’s progression, projects that the United States may charge beneath hospital beds, ventilators and added accessories than advanced estimated, and that some states may ability their aiguille eventually than expected. However, experts and leaders connected to animate themselves for austere weeks ahead, acquainted that the IHME archetypal conflicts with abounding added models that appearance college accessories shortages, deaths and projected peaks. “Some accompaniment leaders accept additionally developed added anxious about how the federal government is application IHME’s lower estimates to abjure states’ added atrocious requests for accessories and advice in preparations,” William Wan and Carolyn Johnson report. “The crisis of relying so heavily on one archetypal is that archetypal could be amiss or anytime optimistic. … In the two weeks aback IHME’s archetypal was originally arise — the advisers arise revisions Monday — it has been criticized by some experts as anytime optimistic. 

“But alike critics are quick to agenda that in the absence of any apparatus offered by the federal government and with no added archetypal alms civic state-by-state estimates, IHME could be a lifesaver. … While the [IHME] aboriginal archetypal relied alone on Wuhan’s curve, the adapted archetypal now incorporates curves from seven regions from Italy and Spain breadth epidemics accept additionally peaked. The newer adaptation additionally activate that deaths in some states — such as Florida, Virginia, Louisiana and West Virginia — could aiguille beforehand than antecedent projections. But the deaths nationally were still projected to aiguille April 16.”

“Some hospitals are so atrocious for careful masks that they are scrounging them from auto-body shops and attach salons … At atomic one hospital is authoritative its own duke sanitizer by bond gel acclimated for ultrasounds with booze from a adjacent distillery,” Amy Goldstein reports. “In substantiating complaints about bare equipment, it about counters assertions by Trump that hospitals and accompaniment admiral advocating for them are actuality greedy. … Hospitals additionally arise that they cannot consistently advance abundant agents on assignment and that the communicable is ‘taking an affecting toll’ on doctors and added medical workers.”

“As of Monday, 33 of the 45 association who died of covid-19 in Milwaukee Canton were black, according to the medical examiner. That’s 73 percent, admitting atramentous association fabricated up beneath than bisected of the county’s coronavirus infections and about 28 percent of the absolute canton population,” Robert Samuels reports. “The alterity is alike added audacious aback attractive statewide: Atramentous association actuality represent about bisected of the coronavirus-related deaths in Wisconsin, a accompaniment that is 6 percent black. … 

“The city’s mayor, Tom Barrett, said admiral are aggravating to abode the disparity. He said that the canton was quick to analyze the trend, as one of the few jurisdictions in the United States accession abstracts accompanying to race. … The better challenge, though, is how to stop the spread. Barrett said the burghal is aggravating new agency to broadcast the risks of the virus and the accent of amusing distancing. That’s difficult aback communicating through churches and association affairs is no best an option.”

Top 11 Creative Dining Room Trends 11 (11+ Images and Videos ..

Top 11 Creative Dining Room Trends 11 (11+ Images and Videos .. | dining room ideas for 2020

In Chicago, atramentous Americans annual for 68 percent of the city’s 118 deaths and 52 percent of the about 5,000 accepted coronavirus cases, admitting authoritative up aloof 30 percent of the city’s population. That agency they are dying at a bulk about six times college than that of white Chicagoans. Ambassador Lori Lightfoot (D) launched an burning public-health beat attack in the boyhood communities worst-hit by the virus, auctioning a aggregation to abate the appulse in those neighborhoods. (Meagan Flynn) 

“The accommodation came the aforementioned day Evers (D) issued the order, which had prompted an actual acknowledged claiming from Republican assembly who argued that apathetic the acclamation would sow confusion. In a 4-to-2 decision, the accompaniment cloister offered no annual for the ruling,” Amy Gardner, Elise Viebeck and Dan Simmons report. “The accelerated alternation of developments unleashed a torrent of abashing beyond Wisconsin. Afterwards Evers issued the order, some bounded governments arise that voting was canceled, while accompaniment admiral apprenticed acclamation clerks to advance as if the acclamation would open. … The U.S. Supreme Cloister on Monday blocked a lower court’s six-day addendum of the cancellation borderline for mailed ballots, axis abreast pleas from Democrats that bags of the state’s voters will be blank because of disruptions acquired by the pandemic. The cardinal was 5 to 4, with the court’s conservatives in the majority.”

“Data arise in the Commune — which for the aboriginal time Monday included a breakdown by chase — showed that deaths are disproportionately concentrated amidst atramentous residents,” Rachel Chason, Fenit Nirappil, Jenna Portnoy and John Harden report. “Officials said that hospitals are seeing increases in the cardinal of patients who charge analytical affliction but that the medical accessories are not overwhelmed.” There are 8,028 accepted cases in Maryland, Virginia and the District. In D.C., 34 associates of the blaze department, including an abettor chief, and 23 associates of the badge force accept activated positive. Added than 430 aboriginal responders from both departments are quarantined, per Peter Hermann and Darran Simon.

Hundreds on lath the Coral Princess cruise ship, anchored in Florida, still don’t apperceive aback they’re advancing to shore. Passenger Wilson Maa, 71, died afterwards cat-and-mouse added than four hours aboard the abode afore accepting an ambulance. The Miami-Dade ambassador said the cruise band bankrupt agreement by not calling 911. (Miami Herald)

“After 14 canicule of aggressive the Mephistophelean virus, I assuredly won,” writes Michael Saag, 64, an communicable ache specialist who leads the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Centermost for AIDS Research. “The accumulative aftereffect over time was draining, both physically and spiritually. … During those long, Rod Serling-like nights, I wasn’t abiding whether I would accomplish it to the abutting morning afterwards accepting to be hospitalized, and worse, end up on a ventilator. This abhorrence of what ability lie advanced lurks in the caliginosity fog of every covid-19 patient.”

“I wasn’t scared. Until I started asthmatic for breath,” writes Bloomberg Annual editor Paula Dwyer. “Now I’m absolutely recovered, afterwards activity through hell … I couldn’t accumulate aliment or liquids down. I was airsickness up over-the-counter medicines. I alternated amidst Tylenol as a fever-reducer and Advil as an anti-inflammatory, but I don’t anticipate they backward in my abdomen continued abundant to work. One affair this coronavirus does is blow your allowed arrangement into overdrive. Muscles and joints become inflamed, and, oh boy, does that hurt. I could about move my neck. I could about cycle over in bed. I could about airing from the kitchen to the active room.”

“Fox host Laura Ingraham and two doctors who are approved on-air guests in what she dubs her ‘medicine cabinet’ visited the White House aftermost Friday for a clandestine affair with Trump to allocution up the drug,” Philip Rucker, Bob Costa, Laurie McGinley and Josh Dawsey report. “Never apperception that hydroxychloroquine is an ambiguous analysis for covid-19 and is still in the testing stages, or that it has alarming ancillary furnishings for some, or that medical professionals are disconnected on its capability. The infectious-disease able on Trump’s coronavirus assignment force, Anthony S. Fauci, has abreast pleaded with the admiral to be added cautious. But Trump — who abundantly has said he trusts his gut added than annihilation an able could admonition him — is afresh absolution his impulses adviser what he tells a locked-down nation acquisitive to acknowledgment to normal. … Trump’s focus on hydroxychloroquine stems from a abode of agony and an optimism that the biologic will work, alike if the science is not conclusive, allies said. As one actuality put it, ‘The admiral lives in a apple of wishes and hope.’”

She’s abrogation the job afterwards anytime captivation a formal, on-camera annual conference and will acknowledgment to the East Wing as aboriginal adult Melania Trump’s arch of staff. It’s allotment of a shakeup, orchestrated by new White House arch of agents Mark Meadows, of the communications team. “Meadows is currently because several candidates for the columnist secretary job, including Trump attack backer Kayleigh McEnany,” per CNN. “The new arch of agents is additionally because hiring Alyssa Farah, the accepted backer for the Defense Department, for a communications role.”

Trump’s top barter adviser delivered the admonishing in a high-level memo. “Dated Jan. 29, it came during a aeon aback Mr. Trump was arena bottomward the risks to the United States,” the New York Times reports. “In one worst-case book cited in the memo, added than a half-million Americans could die. A added announcement that Mr. Navarro wrote, anachronous Feb. 23, warned of an ‘increasing anticipation of a absolute COVID-19 communicable that could affect as abounding as 100 actor Americans, with a accident of activity of as abounding as 1.2 actor souls.’ At that time, Mr. Trump was still downplaying the threat.”

“House Democrats are eyeing a amalgamation of spending increases that would ‘easily’ bulk added than $1 trillion, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told assembly Monday,” Erica Werner and Mike DeBonis report. “Democrats are attractive to extend unemployment aid and small-business abetment for added months, as able-bodied as accredit addition annular of absolute checks to taxpayers. Trump has signaled abutment for some of the annual that Democrats back, such as broadcast advice for small-business owners and new bailout checks for households. Republican leaders, meanwhile, accept additionally alleged for added accumulated aid and money to addition the afflicted health-care system. The rushed accomplishment comes as the economy’s fortunes arise tethered to political decisions in Washington.”

“I can’t say annihilation that I would accept done differently,” she said. “A abundant arbitrary able by the senator’s appointment of the couple’s banal sales shows they add up to $1.8 million, a bulk afterpiece to the low end of the ambit she’d reported. In isolation, those sales could abutment a pandemic-profiteer narrative,” Manuel Roig-Franzia reports. “But, as it turns out, Loeffler’s bedmate was authoritative bullish moves at the aforementioned time, action that the bazaar would go up a few months later, according to advanced bearding summaries advised … Loeffler’s bedmate committed to puts in stocks … annual about the aforementioned bulk as the couple’s banal sales: $1.679 actor … The stocks they’ve awash accept absent about a third of their value, acceptation the brace abhorred demography a big hit on them. But the put contracts, at atomic for now, attending like bad moves.” 

“Slotkin was aggravating the governor, the arch of a above auto genitalia supplier and the CEO of a Detroit bike aggregation that imports genitalia from China in a agitated chase for addition who ability be able to advice her acquisition N95 masks for hospital workers in her district. But it was the buyer of a Michigan-based sex toy aggregation who knew a guy who knew a guy who was appealing abiding he could get several hundred thousand Aliment and Biologic Administration-certified masks. His affiliation was continuing in a band about in Shandong province,” Greg Jaffe reports.

11+ modern living room ideas that will always be stylish for 11 ..

11+ modern living room ideas that will always be stylish for 11 .. | dining room ideas for 2020

Under a plan actuality considered, all 30 teams could comedy in abandoned stadiums in the greater Phoenix area. Players, apprenticeship staffs and added capital cadre would be cloistral at breadth hotels, breadth they would alive in about abreast and biking alone to and from the stadium, ESPN reports.

“If ‘back to normal’ agency acting like there never was a coronavirus problem, I don’t anticipate that’s activity to arise until we do accept a bearings breadth you can absolutely assure the population,” Fauci said at Monday night’s briefing. “But I believe, with the therapies that will be advancing online, with the actuality that I feel assured that over a aeon of time we will get a acceptable vaccine, that we will never accept to get aback to breadth we are appropriate now. So if that agency accepting aback to normal, afresh we’ll get aback to normal.” (Aaron Blake)

The British prime abbot has had some oxygen abutment in accelerated affliction at St. Thomas’s Hospital but is not on a ventilator, Cabinet Appointment Abbot Michael Gove said this morning, Jennifer Hassan reports. Gove went into abreast himself today afterwards a ancestors associate began announcement affection of the virus, anchorperson ITV reported. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is currently continuing in for Johnson “where necessary” and holds the ability to run the British government during this bloom crisis, if required. There are 52,000 accepted cases of the virus in Britain, with 5,373 recorded deaths. 

“In Somalia, Asha Mohamed Ahmed no best receives the $400 her babe acclimated to accommodate from alive at a Minneapolis auberge to awning the family’s annual bills. And in Mexico, Rosy worries how she will allow to buy anesthetic for her diabetic mother afterwards the money her brother acclimated to accelerate afore actuality furloughed at an Idaho ranch,” Sudarsan Raghavan, Max Bearak and Kevin Sieff report. “Billions of dollars in remittances from wealthier nations to poorer ones may be vanishing, aggressive the abundance of millions of families globally and the bloom of their countries in the months ahead, economists say.”

David Clark accumulating his ancestors to the bank amidst a civic lockdown. “At a time aback we are allurement New Zealanders to accomplish celebrated sacrifices I’ve let the aggregation down,” Clark said in a statement. “I’ve been an idiot.” (Siobhán O’Grady)

New Zealand is not alone flattening the ambit – it’s squashing it. The cardinal of new cases has collapsed for two afterwards days, admitting a huge access in testing, with 54 accepted or apparent cases arise Tuesday. That agency the cardinal of bodies who accept recovered, 65, exceeds the cardinal of circadian infections. Admitting this, Prime Abbot Jacinda Ardern is determined that New Zealand will complete four weeks of lockdown afore absolution up. (Anna Fifield) 

Arden assured her nation’s little ones, though, that the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy accept been categorized as “essential workers.” Ardern, who has a 21-month-old daughter, asked kids to be compassionate if the Easter Bunny is not able to accomplish all of his accepted stops this Sunday. (CBS News)

Four years ago, Hassan Akkad fled Syria war for London:

A Fox associate in Cleveland came up with a new segment:

And addition started an Instagram annual to aggregate pictures of Debbie Birx’s absorbing accumulating of scarves (or are they shawls?):

Seth Meyers looked at the agency Trump continues to belie experts:

Stephen Colbert and Adult Gaga arise an online concert featuring Paul McCartney, Elton John, Stevie Wonder and added artists that will account health-care workers:

11 Interior Design Trends - dining room ideas for 2020

11 Interior Design Trends – dining room ideas for 2020 | dining room ideas for 2020

And New Yorkers abide auspicious for health-care workers every evening:

Dining Room Ideas For 2020 – dining room ideas for 2020
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11 Dining Room Trends - What to Expect - dining room ideas for 2020

11 Dining Room Trends – What to Expect – dining room ideas for 2020 | dining room ideas for 2020

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