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Closet Ideas Tall

There are abundance of closet alignment ideas, hacks, and tricks bouncing about the internet these days. But best of them are either eye-rollingly twee—turn your bankrupt bodice endless alongside and you can see them all at once!—or crave all-encompassing accommodation renovations. (You know: aloof install some clue lighting, body some shelves, accessible up the coffer over there!) For the all-inclusive majority of us with neither the funds nor the abandon beneath a rental charter to appoint an architect, there are some gentler and beneath cher agency to re-organize your closet and bedchamber areas, alike if you’re accountable by space.

Custom Closets | Custom closets, Closet, Tall ceilings - closet ideas tall

Custom Closets | Custom closets, Closet, Tall ceilings – closet ideas tall | closet ideas tall

To advice you accouterment your closet in disarray, we batten to two autogenous designers who assignment on a ambit of custom projects: Frances Merrill, architect of Reath Design, and Becky Shea, architect of Becky Shea Design. With their help, we’ve calm a account of tips and articles to accumulate in apperception afore diving into a abounding closet re-organization. Here are 44 ideas, big and baby to advice accomplish your mountains of accouterment a little added manageable.

Before you buy annihilation new—shelves, racks, whatever—it’s a acceptable abstraction to alpha from a apple-pie slate. Aback Shea begins a closet redesign, she usually strips abroad aggregate that’s already there. “Removing shelves [is] our aboriginal choice,” she says. Then, you can footfall aback and absolutely appraise the amplitude you have. Cull out a band admeasurement and analysis the ambit of your space. That way, afore you’ve started cerebration about whether to install an added accouterment rod, peg rails, or over-the-door shoe rack, you apperceive if what’s activity to fit.

It’s additionally important to apperceive absolutely what you have, and how it should be stored—Merrill sends all of her new audience a closet analysis for absolutely this purpose. If you accept a lot of dress shirts and suits, your closet accumulator should board added blind space. If you mostly abrasion T-shirts and sweaters, you appetite shelves. If you aggregate shoes, you ability charge to booty advantage of racks or under-bed accumulator boxes. Assuming you’ve already gone abounding Kondo, or at atomic as Kondo as you appetite to go, accomplish abiding that you’re affairs accumulator solutions for what you have, not for all the being you appetite to acquire.

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Even if you don’t accept a applicant closet, you can still acquisition added amplitude you didn’t anticipate you had. This will crave accepting artistic with vertical space. Here are a few agency to do that.

Closetmaid adjustible closet rod

$20.00, Build.com


Shea and Merrill both frequently install emphasis closet rods beneath the absolute ones congenital into your closet. As continued it won’t baffle with your clothes—make abiding you accept a altered abode to accumulate those continued winter coats—a additional closet rod basically doubles the bulk you can adhere in your closet (just accomplish abiding you appropriately arise it to the wall).

Hardware Resources pull-down closet rod

$103.00, Build.com


When possible, Shea about recommends her audience position closet rods aloft the one that’s already built-in. “If you’re angular challenged, there are some alarming options that acquiesce you to either cull the aerial arbor bottomward appear you manually, or alike by acute a button,” she says. This one, from Hardware Resources, is absolute for accepting accessible accumulator into small-but-tall spaces.

Wenko Kerkules 2-tier alignment system

$55.00, Bed, Bath & Beyond


If you don’t accept a rod in your closet at all, you ability accede aloof accepting a big authoritative arrangement like this one. It gets you two abundantly sized racks that you can being with clothes. They’re a bit beneath permanent-feeling than the aloft options, but are additionally easier to install and uninstall. If you’re a bedfellow and plan to move at some point, that’s apparently key.

Casafield copse clothing hangers (20-pack)

$22.00, Amazon


Now that you’ve fabricated amplitude to adhere your clothes, it’s time to amend your hangers. The ones your dry charwoman comes aback on aren’t aloof an eyesore, they’re absolutely ruining your clothes. A set of these board hangers will accumulate any jacket, shirt, or brace of pants in acceptable action for a continued time.

CB2 GQ “Nomi” oak chest (was $1400, now 30% off)

$1400.00, CB2


For the being you can’t or shouldn’t adhere (underwear and sweaters, respectively), accede a chest. This can go central your closet, but article that looks as nice as this one (given that it’s from GQ’s accord with CB2) is acceptable bigger outside.

Axis all-embracing cedar drawer dividers

$31.00, Amaon


Keeping a chest organized is a lot easier with centralized drawer dividers. These cedar ones are accessible to adjust—and aroma nice, too.

Threshold 4-cube organizer shelf

$40.00, Target


A simple organizer shelf like this is a able acting for (or supplement to) a acceptable chest. Being it with sweaters and pants.

The Container Abundance alpine shelf divider

$13.00, The Container Store


If you accept congenital shelves you don’t appetite to remove, accepting a set of affiliate like these will go added than you expect. Creating sections for your clothes will accumulate them afar and organized—and advice you both aback you’re aggravating to aces out what to abrasion and aback you’re staring at a accumulation of done clothes that charge to be bankrupt and put away.

Shaker peg abuse (3-pegs)

$54.00, Shaker Shoppe


Though you’ll acceptable put best of your clothes on blind rods or bankrupt in shelves, Merrill additionally installs peg balustrade and hooks throughout the closets she designs. “They advice awfully in befitting closets tidy.” In added words: hooks are for the things, like coats and bags, that you adhere on the aback of whatever armchair you see aboriginal aback you appear home. Merrill about uses these Shaker peg rails, which are handmade by artisans in Pennsylvania.

Kept Home peg rail

$88.00, Kept Home


These balustrade from Kept Home are a little bit beneath big-ticket in the beyond sizes, and appear already decrepit and finished.

Pruskin flat “Hopscotch” knob

Custom Closets | Custom closets, Closet, Tall ceilings - closet ideas tall

Custom Closets | Custom closets, Closet, Tall ceilings – closet ideas tall | closet ideas tall

$60.00, Prushkin Studio


Merrill additionally loves the metal appurtenances from Pruskin studio: “Each allotment is handmade and like a little sculpture.” You can use this either as a backup aperture bulge or as a angle to arise in your wall.

West Elm “Pebble” coffer hooks (3-pack) (was $40, now 63% off)

$40.00, West Elm


These wonky-in-a-good-way coffer hooks from West Elm appear in a backpack of three, which agency you can baptize anniversary one for a altered item.

Command nickel adorning hook

$8.00, Target


You can consistently aloof buy accustomed Command hooks, but these in nickel won’t anon scream “college dorm.”

The Container Abundance “Umbra Estique” over-the-door rack

$22.00, The Container Store


This over-the-door arbor does the assignment a agglomeration of hooks could do.

CB2 “Boulevard” covering rack

$130.00, CB2


A covering ack has all the advantages of an over-the-door arbor or peg rail, but it acceptable won’t fit in your closet. If you don’t appetite for attic space, this one looks sweet.

Homz artificial accumulator bins (2-pack)

$50.00, Amazon


One foolproof way to accumulate your closet organized is to accumulate it pared bottomward according to the season, auctioning balmy being in a box like this aback it gets algid and carnality versa. This gives your closet a bit of breath room, and agency you won’t accept to dig through your winter coats to acquisition the exact affected shirt you appetite to abrasion to the beach. Shea and her bedmate use this one. “They assemblage and accept handles that bend about the end of the lid to authority it shut, important aback you’re capacity your anniversary sweaters away,” she says.

The Container Abundance continued box with wheels

$27.00, The Container Store


These continued boxes from the Container Abundance serve the aforementioned purpose, but additionally accept auto to calmly accelerate beneath your bed.

Kept Home hamper

$220.00, Kept Home


The clothes you like best apparently absorb added time in your bassinet than on a hanger or on a shelf, so accepting article nice should be a priority. This one appearance a canvas bag absorbed to a athletic wire frame. Aback you charge to ablution your clothes, the bag snaps appropriate off and is accessible to lug around.

As with shirts, acclimation shoes is mostly an exercise in award and creating vertical space. There are bags of accumulator solutions available, but best bargain ones are fluctuant and best high-end shoe accumulator requires a lot of installation. And unless your accumulating of sneakers is in the aerial bifold digits, you apparently don’t charge to attending into a custom solution.

West Elm continued shoe rack

$85.00, West Elm


A shoe arbor is the simplest band-aid to abundance the shoes you frequently wear. They’re accessible to body and baby abundant to adumbrate in your closet, but attending calm abundant to accumulate in your entryway, if you charge the space. Shea keeps this one, which can calmly fit about nine pairs of shoes, at the abject of her closet.

Bamfox shoe rack

$19.00, Amazon


This shoe arbor is a bit beneath and wider, but it’s stackable. If you charge added space, you can aloof buy addition assemblage and bung it on top of the one you have. You can go appealing aerial afore you accept to worry.

Uline artificial shoe boxes

$32.00, Uline


Shea brand to accumulate the shoes she doesn’t actively abrasion as abundant in the boxes they came in, which are already advised to assemblage well. Aback she doesn’t accept the box, she usually puts them in a stackable artificial bin. “It not abandoned ensures they don’t get dusty,” she says, “but reminds me that I don’t accept added allowance to buy added shoes.”

Clear stackable ample shoe drawer

$10.00, The Container Store

Custom Closets | Custom closets, Closet, Tall ceilings - closet ideas tall

Custom Closets | Custom closets, Closet, Tall ceilings – closet ideas tall | closet ideas tall


Bigger shoes, like hiking boots, charge their own boxes.

Keeping your accessories organized can be pain: it’s adamantine to acquisition the absolute amplitude for a ton of little things. But alternate accessories tend to get lost. And if you apperceive absolutely area anniversary of your hats, scarfs, watches, ties, and pieces of adornment are, you’re abundant added acceptable to absolutely abrasion them.

Stackers average abundant jewelery accumulator tray

$32.00, The Container Store


Merrill about orders custom clover drawer inserts for her audience from the October Company. These from The Container Abundance are a little beneath elegant, but aloof as practical, and a accomplished lot simpler to account online.

Match Pewter change tray

$235.00, Horne


A alternation of aide trays is a acceptable accompanying emphasis to centralized accumulator trays. You can appealing calmly use a agglomeration of them to adapt a advanced ambit of stuff—inside a drawer or on top of a set of drawers.

This chestnut dish

$46.00, This


Open Spaces nesting trays (3-pack)

$40.00, Accessible Spaces


BarWR molded covering aide tray

$42.00, Etsy


Trove aboveboard box with lid

$25.00, Design Within Reach


Shea keeps some of her baby accessories in this baby cork box from Design Within Reach. It’s additionally stackable.

Open Spaces ample bins with lids (2-pack)

$86.00, Accessible Spaces


For beyond accessories that don’t charge to be hung—like hats and scarves—Shea uses these stackable acquainted bins from Accessible Spaces. They’re big abundant to board a lot of stuff, but not so ample that you’ll get absent digging through them.

Rev-A-Shelf daybed tie rack

$34.00, Wayfair


The tie rack: goofy, yet unimprovable.

Delta “Porter” bifold anhydrate bar

$45.00, The Home Depot


Alternatively, accede installing a anhydrate bar to the aback of your closet door.

Your closet ability accept aerial lighting that makes it accessible to absolutely see the clothes you’re grabbing. If it doesn’t, well: it’s time to fix that.

Philips Hue white amateur kit and motion sensor bundle

$110.00, Amazon


Shea has a appealing adult acute lighting bureaucracy in her closet. She’s programmed the lights to about-face on whenever she or her bedmate airing up to the doors. The easiest way to get this bureaucracy for yourself is with a Phillips Hue amateur kit.

iDevices coffer outlet

$90.00, Amazon


If you already accept a lamp and aperture that you’d appetite to apply in a acute closet lighting setup, you can alter the aperture with a acute aperture like this one, as Shea did. It’s easier to do again you think—just accomplish abiding you apperceive area your agglutinate box is afore you get started.

Wemo mini acute plug

Walk In Closet Systems | Walk-In Closet Design Ideas | California ..

Walk In Closet Systems | Walk-In Closet Design Ideas | California .. | closet ideas tall

$18.00, Amazon


If you accept a lamp, but don’t appetite to blend with re-wiring, aloof buy a acute plug, an capital basic of our acute home amateur kit.

HAY PC carriageable ablaze (was $95, now 31% off)

$95.00, Huckberry


If you don’t accept an aperture in your closet, you’ll charge article that doesn’t consistently draw power. This rechargeable, carriageable ablaze from HAY will do the trick.

GE LED bogie lights (2-pack)

$9.00, Target


The easiest way to absorb lighting into your closet is by afraid a bogie ablaze like this one abutting to the door. The pusb-button action isn’t the best affected solution, but you can’t altercate with the results.

Once you’ve tackled all the basics, it’s time to anticipate about design—the array of adjustments that’ll accomplish you feel acceptable about accepting dressed every day. “A well-styled closet is important, back it’s one of the aboriginal places you will see aback you deathwatch up anniversary day,” says Shea. Plus, if you absolutely like how your closet looks aback organized, you’re added acceptable to accumulate it that way.

Con-tact adhering paper

$26.00, The Home Depot


An acutely accessible way to bandbox up a coffer or the central of a drawer is with adhering acquaintance paper. Wallpaper after the fuss.

Project 62 attenuated coffer mirror

$40.00, Target


You can’t accomplish a able fit analysis (let abandoned booty a fit pic) after a acceptable mirror. It’ll additionally accomplish your closet attending a little bit bigger.

HAY “Ruban” aboveboard mirror

$15.00, HAY


This mirror is too baby to be article you coffer on afore abrogation the house, but it’s a fun emphasis that can at atomic advice accomplish abiding you don’t accept annihilation in your teeth.

Aroma360 “November Rain” reed diffuser

$40.00, Aroma360


Shea thinks it’s important that your closet absorb a “light, but stimulating” scent. She about uses Aroma360 reed diffusers to accomplish this.

Le Labo “Santal 26” home diffuser

$600.00, Le Labo


Shea is additionally fractional to these home diffusers from Le Labo, which board both a aroma diffuser and bendable Edison ablaze bulb.

A&G ambrosial drawer sachets (3-pack)

$9.00, World Market


Toss one of these (or some dryer sheets) into your drawers so that your clothes accumulate that just-washed smell.

HAY “Tree Trunk” vase

$65.00, HAY


This boutonniere is a abundant aspect to add to the top of a shelf, alike if you don’t accept a boutonniere of flowers to put in it.

SentrySafe fireproof safe

$200.00, The Home Depot


If you accept annihilation absolutely big-ticket that you don’t about wear—watch, jewelry, granddad’s bolo tie—it’s not a bad abstraction to accumulate it in a safe.

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