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With the bonds still on in abounding countries and recreational activities spanning from do-it-yourself tutorials, Zoom video calls and agenda book clubs to online workouts — abundantly accurate on amusing media during the lockdown — there’s one admission abounding may still accept to tackle: Reorganizing their wardrobes.

My minimalist(ish) wardrobe : minimalism - closet ideas reddit

My minimalist(ish) wardrobe : minimalism – closet ideas reddit | closet ideas reddit

The moment to face one’s best — and affliction — appearance choices of the contempo accomplished ability accept been postponed, but as the appearance industry is dispatch into new territories and sustainability is set to behest approaching arcade behavior, there’s no bigger time to get rid of the old and embrace changes.

The KonMari adjustment — accumulated by acclaimed Japanese organizer and columnist Marie Kondo — and its minimalist admission may be a bit desperate for appearance enthusiasts ambidextrous with too abounding items “sparking joy” during their decluttering process. So, here, WWD asks creatives in Milan, Paris and London to allotment their tips on what to keep, what to accord abroad and how to accumulate things organized — or at atomic try to.

Lorenzo Serafini, artistic administrator of Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

What to keep: An old denim shirt. It has no seasons but it’s absolutely timeless.

What to accord away: The tracksuits or the sweatshirts we wore to break at home during the lockdown. We charge new energy!

What to reinvent and how: Check if some continued pants can become a brace of shorts.

Trick to accumulate your apparel organized: I’m not actual acceptable at this, I accumulate bounce and abatement clothes together!

Margherita Maccapani Missoni, artistic administrator of M Missoni

What to keep: What inspires me, like a best Vivienne Westwood piece, with around-the-clock proportions, which I accumulate because one day it could booty me to new aesthetics.

What to accord away: I allowance what I feel doesn’t accord to me anymore, clothes I bought back trending or in appearance and anticipation could be allotment of my appearance but now I don’t feel absolutely myself acid them.

What to reinvent and how: All the things I didn’t use that much, including a baby cardigan I wore over eveningwear but that now I abrasion over bald bark during the day.

Trick to accumulate your apparel organized: Every time I adapt my closet I do it according to a altered affair — color, category, etc. — so that altered pieces angle out anniversary time.

Margherita Missoni’s closet.  Valentina Sommariva/Courtesy Photo

Giuliano Calza, architect of GCDS

What to keep: I had to advance as if I were ambience up an archive, so I kept the pieces that in 10 years could still be admired or items affiliated to important memories. I accept a T-shirt of “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” which I acclimated to abrasion as a dress back I was a child, and now it’s a actual angular shirt but its amount added tenfold.

What to accord away: Fast fashion. I had no benevolence because my academician kept cogent me that my seven closets were already over capacity.

What to reinvent and how: I had altered artistic moments. I took two XL shirts with altered patterns and resewed the two halves, and now it’s one of my admired shirts. Or with a bed-making machine, denim can be bedlam with tinfoil and angry into oven mitts or abode mats.

Closet organization project! : OrganizationPorn - closet ideas reddit

Closet organization project! : OrganizationPorn – closet ideas reddit | closet ideas reddit

Trick to accumulate your apparel organized: I accept disconnected my applicant closet according to colors. That way I can absolutely acquisition an account that’s out of abode or acquisition agnate ones, of the aforementioned color. Addition abstruse that has afflicted my activity is to accumulate on a abstracted arbor all the pieces that are affiliated to a acceptable anamnesis or accord me a acceptable energy. A array of “VIP rack,” so I can aces one account that makes me blessed from there and afresh bout the blow with pieces from the added closets.

Vivetta Ponti, architect of Vivetta

What to keep: I accept a baby closet disconnected into Vivetta clothes and best pieces. For this spring, I kept Victorian-style items, such as an billowing man’s shirt I use as a dress; some white clothes from the Sixties, one in white applique and one in adornment with 3-D floral appliqués on the sleeves, and a bathrobe with red marabou details, which I abrasion as a dress with red applique socks.

What to accord away: In general, I don’t accord abroad a lot, I consistently try to do targeted purchases affairs high-quality and around-the-clock pieces.

What to reinvent and how: I booty the pieces I don’t anticipate to abrasion in the accepted division to Assisi, Italy, area I accept an annal for research. Every new season, I consistently acquisition some account I didn’t abrasion for a brace of seasons and it’s fun to appear up with altered occasions to use them, new account and means to bout them to actualize new looks.

Trick to accumulate your apparel organized: I try to accumulate aggregate on hangers, because I mostly accept dresses.

Vivetta Ponti’s closet.  Courtesy Photo

J.J. Martin, architect of La Double J

What to keep: I accumulate all of the Double J [pieces], so my closet looks like a assault rainbow. And I accumulate all of my best adored best and artist clothes that had a anamnesis absorbed to them.

What to accord away: I afresh confused apartments and afore accomplishing so I went through a abundance of clothes and accessories that I had calm over the aftermost 20 years of alive in fashion. I was afraid by the abundance and could not delay to bright it away. I am cat-and-mouse until the virus lifts to authority a auction for all of these items at super-cheap prices so that adolescent girls in Milan can accept accessible admission to high-end fashion. I swept abroad every distinct account I hadn’t beat in the aftermost year — there were many!

What to reinvent and how: I am reinventing myself as addition who absolutely doesn’t absorb anymore. For the aftermost bristles years I’ve almost bought any appearance in fact. Back you are designing and creating, you don’t absolutely charge that ascribe from any added source.

Trick to accumulate your apparel organized: I adapt my closets by season, by class of account and afresh by color. I’m a bedlamite about it. A accomplished abode is cogitating of a accomplished mind.

J.J. Martin’s closet.  Courtesy Photo

Giuseppe Zanotti

What to keep: I can’t allotment from my admired Lanvin jackets and V-neck cashmere sweaters. My admonition is to accumulate aggregate you accept been acid in the accomplished year, abolish all the accidental (I generally allowance what I don’t abrasion anymore) and move aggregate abroad to the “archive” closet. Editing is so important to displace your apperception and to let go of some old memories and accomplish allowance for new ones.

What to accord away: Aggregate useless. No amount how acceptable we anticipate we are, we accordingly accomplish mistakes from time to time and buy things that we never wear. To me, this mostly happens back I travel.

What to reinvent and how: Around-the-clock pieces can be calmly akin in new ways.

Can we talk about closets and storage? : femalefashionadvice - closet ideas reddit

Can we talk about closets and storage? : femalefashionadvice – closet ideas reddit | closet ideas reddit

Trick to accumulate your apparel organized: I organize everything by color, all the atramentous jackets, all the blue, and so on. But I am acquainted this ability be easier for a being like me who mostly wears the aforementioned few colors.

Giuseppe Zanotti’s closet.  Courtesy Photo

Amina Muaddi

What to keep: What has affected value.

What to accord away: What you never wear.

What to reinvent and how: Vintage pieces that you can transform.

Trick to accumulate your wardrobe organized: Organic by class aboriginal and additional by color.

Amina Muaddi’s shoe closet.  Courtesy Photo

Lutz Huelle

What to keep: I accept an extreme relationship with clothes in that, best of the time, I will acquisition a reason to accumulate article alike if that reason is a decidedly admirable age-old aperture in a sweater. So I really have to be austere with myself. I additionally acquisition it actual counterproductive to absolutely authority on to things, so imagine my dilemma! My aphorism is to accumulate as little as possible in my closet and make sure that whatever I haven’t beat in the aftermost 12 months goes out. I do accumulate things that I don’t wear anymore as an “archive” allotment if absorbing enough, or account befitting for a detail that could be interesting for work, in which case they go to the appointment into my “Vintage Research.”

What to accord away: Basically annihilation you haven’t beat for the aftermost 12 months.

What to reinvent and how: The best and best advantageous things to reinvent are those that we abrasion consistently anyway. I started acid into my adviser anorak because I kept acid it and capital to accept addition version, article beneath austere and that would accomplish it attending alpha again. The best way to reinvent article is to put it on and attending at what we don’t like about it anymore. Perhaps it’s the breadth or blush or a collar-detail. There are so abounding means to change a garment, alike after bed-making or application any complicated techniques: acid the sleeves or length, over-dyeing, and there’s article ameliorative about acid into a apparel and seeing what happens. Acid into an old T-shirt and authoritative a adult top for bodies to archetype on Instagram was by far the best joy I had during the aftermost two months.

Trick to befitting your apparel organized: I alone put coats and tailored pieces assimilate hangers, everything else is in boxes, which makes it abundant easier for me to acquisition things. It additionally takes up far beneath space, and is actual acceptable to attending at.

Christian Wijnants

What to keep: Everything! I abhorrence to bandy abroad clothes and usually alone do so if they are falling apart. Some of the pieces in my apparel are added than 25 years old; I feel an affecting affiliation to them as they are abounding of memories. I will never accord those pieces away, such as aboriginal Raf Simons pieces I bought back I was a student, pieces I accustomed back I was alive for Dries Van Noten, a hand-knitted sweater fabricated by my mother back I was a teenager. I adopt to buy beneath by affairs around-the-clock pieces that I apperceive I will admire for a continued time; this is what helps me abstain a chaotic closet. The latest allotment I bought is a blush sweatshirt from Hed Mayner and pants from Jan Jan Van Essche.

What to accord away: The capital acumen I will end up giving article abroad is back they get abundant too small, which works as I accept two nephews I commonly accord the pieces to.

What to reinvent and how: I usually abrasion the aforementioned things, so I can balloon about pieces if they are in a hidden allotment of my closet. It is a abundant activity back you balance your own closet by charwoman up and award those pieces, some of which you ability never accept beat before. It happens to me absolutely often.

A few different closets designs with armor stands and storage ..

A few different closets designs with armor stands and storage .. | closet ideas reddit

Trick to befitting your apparel organized: I accept the affluence of accepting a ample closet with lots of space, which allows me to array my clothes by blush and by outfits. It usually helps me to adapt the clothes in groups like I would appearance them, it helps me get dressed quicker in the morning.

Christian Wijnants’ closet.  Courtesy Photo

Anine Bing

What to keep: I anticipate it is so important to accept all of the essentials covered in your wardrobe, for me this would be a archetypal white T-shirt, abundant brace of denim jeans and a blazer. I’ve been active in adequate affiliate acme while alive from home. I still booty the time and get dressed every morning — it keeps me motivated and allows me to advance some faculty of normalcy. My accepted admired is our new Empowerment sweatshirt, the adventurous clear reminds me to break absolute and that we will appear out of this acquaintance stronger than before.

What to accord away: If you accept not beat article for six months, I anticipate it is time to say goodbye. The key is to alone accumulate the things you adulation and abrasion and get rid of the clutter. This helps me to abridge the action of accepting dressed every day. Whenever I apple-pie out my closet, I consistently like to accord those pieces to a bounded charity.

What to reinvent and how: A absolute white T-shirt is abundant for any occasion. I like to brace a brittle white T-shirt with denim for a added accidental attending and with a brace of covering trousers for an effortless yet animated style. They’re abundant beneath blazers, too, for a added able attending — so able and should be a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe.

Trick to accumulate your apparel organized: I afresh confused into a new home so I accept been accomplishing a lot of organizing. I color-coordinated my absolute closet and fabricated sections for jackets, denim, shoes, handbags. Accepting an organized and abreast apparel helps to takes the accent out of accepting dressed in the morning.

Anine Bing’s closet.  Anna Maria Zunino Noellert/Courtesy Photo

Henrietta Rix, cofounder of Rixo

What to keep: Something that you absolutely love, re-wear and can await on no amount the situation. I wore my Zadie and Donna midi dresses consistently circadian pre-lockdown and still do now. I accept begin that my appearance hasn’t afflicted much, as I’ve consistently dressed for me and focused on what I like rather than trends, whether in lockdown or not. Rixo dresses and separates are candidly as adequate as pj’s, so I’m advantageous I accept article unique, yet easy-to-wear and flattering. The affair that’s afflicted now is the cossack I brace with. Acid Rixo about the abode with adequate socks has become my affair while alive from home.

What to accord away: Most of my apparel is either vintage, alms boutique finds or Rixo. I’m absolutely acquainted back buying, so usually I accept pieces for a continued time and will re-wear a lot because I absolutely absolutely admired and invested in them appropriate from the beginning. However, sometimes you do feel you can outgrow assertive pieces, so I’ve anesthetized some on to my mum, who has the best appearance (we allotment everything), or alike Orlagh [McCloskey, cofounder of Rixo]. It’s nice to see how bodies abrasion and appearance them in altered ways. Afresh absolutely appropriate purchases I’m extenuative to one ancillary to canyon bottomward to my little nieces for back they abound up and are able to wear.

What to reinvent and how: Old prints you haven’t beat in ages, abnormally as we are advancing into summer. I adulation affairs out old Rixo prints and bond them with a best element. I’ve pulled out one of our beforehand Georgia skirts and I’m acid it with a tie-dye T that I fabricated in lockdown.

Trick to accumulate your apparel organized: Organizing by blazon of accouterment is a charge — from midi skirts to best shirts, midi dresses to T-shirts and so on. And additionally blush organized. If I charge to bound bandy article on, I apperceive absolutely area it is. I’m advantageous I accept a few prints in some of the aforementioned archetypal shapes I love, so my apparel is appealing abundant organized by Rixo appearance names at this point.

Merve Manastir, artistic administrator of Manu Atelier 

What to keep: A brace of dejected jeans.

What to accord away: Any account which has been bought in a moment of allure but absolutely does not reflect you and accomplish you move about in comfort.

What to reinvent and how: Turning old denim pants into new denim shorts, which is one of the best never-go-out-of-style appearance item. And the abundant affair about cutoffs is you do not accept to absorb a dime to get a pair. Basically, aboriginal you charge to accomplish abiding that the billowing jeans will become billowing shorts and bound ones will become tight. After you accept the blazon of shorts you appetite to get, pre-shrink the jeans and adjudge what breadth you appetite them to be. So put your jeans on, use book or a assurance pin to mark area you plan to cut them off and adjust a adjudicator with the absolute mark that you made. Now you can cut the shorts.

PAX versus ALGOT for closet org and storage : ikeahacks - closet ideas reddit

PAX versus ALGOT for closet org and storage : ikeahacks – closet ideas reddit | closet ideas reddit

Trick to accumulate your apparel organized: Application hanger stands in my applicant closet. They abnormally accomplish it absolutely accessible for me to see acutely what I accept in my wardrobe; the coats, jackets, pants, shirts, skirts, dresses, basically everything. Besides, you can appearance them and actualize a attending on the angle after putting aggregate on and aggravating them out.

Closet Ideas Reddit – closet ideas reddit
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My Bedroom in Malaysia. It ain’t much but I’m happy with how the .. | closet ideas reddit

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