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MINI USA Recaps Some of its Best and Slightly Irreverent April Fools’ Moments to add a bit of Brightness to the Day.


Woodcliff Lake, N.J., April 1, 2020. At a austere time aback bodies about the apple are aggravating to break safe and healthy, and convenance amusing break at home, MINI USA would like to admonish anybody of the ameliorative adeptness of a smile by highlighting some of the brand’s best memorable and amusing accomplished April Fools’ moments aback MINI re-launched in 2002.  This is in account of this April Fools’ Day, a anniversary that is broadly advised to be annulled this year.

Over the accomplished 18 years, MINI has acclaimed the absurdity and joy of April Fools’ Day with alien models, concepts and accessories that were never advised to accomplish it to reality.  While best were artlessly basic account to bless a anniversary committed to jokes and pranks that’s anachronous aback to the 1500s, MINI did go as far to actualize one and barrage it at a above all-embracing auto actualization in 2012.


“MINI has consistently had the adeptness to accomplish bodies smile, whether through our amusing advertisement and blackmailer business stunts, or artlessly by the actualization of the familiar, animated face that bodies see in the advanced barbecue of a MINI.” said Andrew Cutler, Arch of Corporate Communications, MINI USA. “We achievement that during these difficult times, reminiscing about some of our accomplished April Fools’ Day moments will accomplish bodies smile. It’s an important allotment of allowance us all get through this together.”

Below are some of MINI’s best April Fools’ Day releases.



Another Archetype of Aback Three is Added Fun than Two

Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, April 01, 2002…While best cars now appear with either two or four advanced headlamps, MINI has alien a groundbreaking third headlamp accurately for blurred English weather.


The third lamp is anchored in the air-intake position, which advanced fed the MINI Cooper S supercharger.  Re-routing the air consecration through a ‘hairdryer technology’ sub-mounted pump, has freed up this position for the ‘fog-busting’ third eye.

MINI’s xenon headlamp technology has additionally been added developed for the center-mounted lamp.  This advocate new technology emits a super-heated axle that dries out fog up to 100 anxiety advanced of the car and badly improves visibility.

A agent for MINI UK said; “We are captivated to be accepting this technology as a apple first.  I accept so generally been bent out in blurred acclimate while bringing home my angle ‘n’ chips. This advance absolutely is a godsend, me old mate.”


The arguable U.S. spellings for ‘centre’ and ‘light’ accept been accumulated to anatomy the cast name of the system; Centerlite’ tm. .  ‘Centerlite tm can be acclimated with the capital headlights on or off, appropriately aback appliance abandoned the ‘Centerlite’ MINI can akin added anxiously resemble the motorcycle benumbed experience.

While trials in the UK are proving successful, MINI admits that assignment has to be done to advance array adeptness for the third lamp. The ample array requires the abatement of the rear seats and adopting the roof acme by 3 inches.

No chat as yet whether this ‘fog-busting’ technology will accomplish the U.S. bazaar breadth cold, blurred altitude are not so prevalent. Newfoundland, however, has the account pre-ordered as a 100% accepted feature.

The accepted two-lamp MINI Cooper went on auction at MINI dealers on March 23 2002.   With an MSRP of $16,850 including commitment charges, the car will be abutting by the akin livelier, $19,850 MINI Cooper S in the advancing weeks.


Little Car Crammed with Aerial technology Sets New Standards in Convenience


Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey April 1, 2003… MINI is able-bodied accepted for packaging high-technology into a baby amplitude and its latest innovation, MINI Alien Steeringtm, takes affluence of buying to new levels.  With MINI Alien Steeringtm, MINI has produced the world’s aboriginal commercially-available full-sized alien ascendancy car. Based on the accurate ‘Tamiy-ah-hah’ archetypal antagonism technology, the new arrangement allows MINI owners to accidentally accomplish their cars up to a ambit of 150 feet.

This arrangement provides a cardinal of benefits.  For example, it allows owners to admission at their admired restaurant, be built-in at their table and afresh accidentally esplanade their car in the artery outside.  Furthermore, an accommodation aborigine in Manhattan can accidentally accompany their car up from the basement barn and position it on the street, accessible to go.

Opposition to the new arrangement has been accurate however. Valet Parker’s abutment admiral ‘Denton Dour said; ‘Hey, we admired active this affair and now it looks like we’re out of a job…whaddya gonna do? ’ he opined.  MINI Alien Steeringtm, is now additionally acceptable to accord artery antagonism a accomplished new angle as tuners carelessness their hot rods in favor of arena with their hand-held.

MINI spokesperson, Donna Falforit said ‘Clearly this already afresh highlights MINI as a aerial technology product.  We accept thoroughly trialed this new arrangement and afar from the casual arrest with ablaze aircraft and TV remotes, we are blessed with it. Pricing is not set, but we anticipate it’ll be a winner, abnormally on a day like today.”

Journalist note:  MINI is the 2003 North American Car of the Year.  (Seriously folks).


MINI’s Advanced Cerebration Adds Added Fun with 2 Speeds in Reverse


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8+ Modern Balcony Railing Design Ideas With Photos – The .. | balcony railing ideas


Woodcliff Lake, NJ – April 1, 2004…  Hot on the heels of the advertisement of the new MINI Convertible, MINI has appear the world’s aboriginal 8-speed gearbox, now with 2 about-face gears.

Research has apparent that MINI owners accept the accomplished ‘FGF’ account (Fun Going Forward) on the alley and so MINI engineers accept developed a 2-speed about-face accent to admission the ‘FGB’ (Fun Going Backward) account to a agnate level.

Called Bifold Aback Shifting (or Bifold B.S.), the new arrangement adds a added about-face accent and thereby allows MINI owners to about-face faster than the antagonism to speeds of up to 40 mph.

As able-bodied as accretion the FGB score, the new system, forth with MINI’s altered size, gives owners an about arbitrary advantage aback award those ambiguous on-street parking spaces:  If the disciplinarian overshoots the space, they can artlessly about-face in bifold quick time appliance B.S. to zip neatly into the space.

MINI gearbox engineer, Geary Ducshan said: “We formed adamantine to add this added accent into the transmission.  We are captivated with the results, the abandoned disadvantage actuality the new beyond box now takes up abundant of the commuter bottom well, but it’s a bulk account paying.”

The arrangement has added advantages.  Competitive absent drivers are acutely aflame by this account and the SCCA is now attractive at a about-face autocross claiming breadth MINI owners can adore B.S. to the max.

Pricing has yet to be announced, however, a MINI spokesman, said “this development is altogether timed as there is no bigger day than April 1st to advertise B.S.”



Special Archetypal to Promote Adjustable Transportation Initiative

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – April 1, 2005… MINI, already accepted for cornering as if it were on rails, will now activity a appropriate copy that will absolutely bend on rails.  In ablaze of the growing botheration of gridlock and blitz hour traffic, this appropriate archetypal is acclimatized to ride on all calm barometer abuse curve throughout North America.

In affiliation with the North American railway system, an absolute right-of-way has been accustomed for the distinctively able MINI to drive via abuse during aiguille hours in above burghal centers.  This access, already abandoned bound to railway account trucks is now accessible to MINI owners who adjustment the appropriate model.

The MINI Pullman can admission the railway at any above bridge aboideau provided affliction is taken not to admission into the opposing administration of prevailing abuse traffic.  A new affection in the onboard computer allows the MINI ‘motorman’ or woman to admission abandoned abuse band schedules to plan their campaign while on the rails.

The MINI Pullman comes acclimatized with a appropriate caster amalgamation that calmly locks assimilate accepted barometer abuse appropriately acceptance MINIs to bend on the anchorage and the balustrade with according aplomb.  An upgraded bifold air-horn admonishing arrangement comes accepted on the archetypal to active absent pedestrians and cartage as the MINI Pullman enters into bridge aboideau areas.

To acclaim this new model, MINI has created a band of apparel.  Items from overalls to hats are accessible in a attractive blah ticking-stripe pattern.  Accessories for the agent accommodate a assumption roof-mounted alarm and a appropriate abetting agent bankrupt assemblage that mounts on the bonnet.  For four added passengers, a distinctively acclimatized block arrangement allows for the MINI Pullman buyer to add the accent Commuter Caboose.

“Access to the civic arrangement of underground alms abuse is beneath consideration, already the acumen of accessing the clue through abandoned alms stations can be solved” said civic railway agent Lou Komodeff,  “We attending advanced to administration the balustrade with MINI as continued as they are ‘going our way.”

MINI spokesperson, Hugh Moore said, “MINI has baffled the art of cornering on the roads.  Now we can affirmation that MINIs do absolutely bend on rails.”  MINI has appointed the aboriginal ancestor testing on accessible railways to arise today, April 1st, 2005



Virtual Acquaintance Becomes “Reality” for Owners to Anatomy Their Own MINI at Home



Woodcliff Lake, NJ – April 1, 2006… Because MINI owners adulation to adapt their cars, MINI announces today a aboriginal “Build Your Own” affairs that gives barter the hands-on acquaintance to anatomy their own altered MINI.

MINI USA.com enables barter to calmly configure their MINI online afore ordering.  This affection has been so accepted that MINI has absitively to actualize a altered pilot affairs to accord baddest barter the befalling to absolutely actualize the car of their dreams with their own hands.

In this pilot program, all of the car’s apparatus can be distinctively ordered on-line and the genitalia will be delivered in installments, abundant like a book club, starting with the anatomy genitalia and anatomy assignment and afresh affective on to autogenous trim and engine.

“In 6 abbreviate weeks the chump can anatomy their custom MINI in their own garage,” said Lou Spartz, MINI’s arch of the Individualized Absolute Ideal Adjustment Trial program, or I.D.I.O.T for short. “Clearly, the greatest hurdle is in painting the body, so we will be sending owners a can of aerosol acrylic anniversary anniversary in the blush of their best – and of course, one for the adverse roof.”

“This new MINI Anatomy your Own affairs will be fabricated into a absoluteness TV program.” said MINI spokesperson, Hardy Harrah, “We plan to account a year of artistic MINI owners in activity architecture their own cars and we apprehend the television advertisement to air April 1st next year.



Woodcliff Lake, NJ, April 1, 2009… MINI USA looks set to booty a apple advance in ammunition ability with the advertisement today (April 1) of a advocate alluring propulsion arrangement that will acquiesce a MINI to drive to several hundred, possibly akin bags of afar with little allegation and no charge for fuel.

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8 Inspirational Interesting Balcony Design Ideas That Will .. | balcony railing ideas

MINI USA has developed a altered Propulsion / Repulsion 0401 (PR0401) Arrangement that is aloof one abbreviate footfall abroad from abiding motion in an automobile.

MINI’s PR 0401 Arrangement uses a alternation of magnets anchored in the MINI’s four caster hubs to both cull and advance the auto in the adapted direction, base the magnets’ accustomed addiction to attraction and repel. Not abandoned does this arrangement acquiesce the MINI PR to biking amazing distances for aloof a few cents, it produces about no babble as the electric motor can be switched off already the car is moving.

Professor Lirpa Loof, Arch of Alluring Attraction Technology at MINI USA, said: “The Mini E is already arch the way in EV performance, believability and eco-friendliness but this amazing new arrangement will advance it assimilate accession level. We could anon be seeing families biking beyond the USA from bank to bank for aloof a brace of bucks.”

“The abandoned activity this arrangement uses is a baby draw on the array to alpha the agent affective advanced with an electric motor, and afresh the magnets booty over and their accustomed backdrop do the rest. This has to be the ultimate ambit extender,” he added. “Anyone who has played with magnets as a kid or travelled on a Maglev alternation will accept absolutely how this technology works and the affectionate of achievement we are talking about.”

Once moving, abandoned tiny amounts of electric accepted are appropriate to about-face on and off the magnets, as the polarity of the anchored and affective magnets is rapidly switched from absolute to negative. The magnets aboriginal attraction and afresh bound repel anniversary added blame the auto in the adapted administration – either advanced or reverse.

One claiming that Professor Loof faced with the PR arrangement was the acceleration of the MINI PR… and how to ascendancy it! The acceleration at which the magnets attraction and repel anniversary added is instantaneous, which agency in approach the agent is able of astounding speeds, belted abandoned by the time it takes to about-face the magnets’ polarity and the wind attrition and annoyance of the MINI PR’s body. The MINI EV PR development cartage are currently belted to a top acceleration of 250 mph.

“For years, engineers accept dreamed of developing abiding motion for transport,” said Professor Loof, “And acknowledgment to MINI PR, it looks like we are about there with a new archetypal that will admission abutting April 1.”


Revolutionary new acrylic arrangement allows quick, absolute exoteric blush changes on the new MINI.



Woodcliff Lake, NJ – April 1, 2010… MINI, a baton in the accomplishment of customized vehicles, is set to booty personalization to a accomplished new akin with a advocate acrylic arrangement that will acquiesce owners to change the exoteric blush of their agent as generally as they change their mood.

The ground-breaking MINIMagic acrylic system, abandoned accessible on MINI Clubman, will accord MINI owners the adventitious to absolutely change their MINI’s exoteric blush in abandoned a few account and with aloof the accomplishment appropriate to administer a distinct covering of wax – a apple aboriginal for an automotive manufacturer.

The MINIMagic acrylic arrangement will be accessible with any of the Clubman’s beauteous acrylic colors, starting this spring.

“The accession of MINIMagic will transform how owners baddest the exoteric colors on a new MINI, alms akin added agency to personalize their MINI,” said Jim McDowell, Vice Admiral of MINI USA . “Gone are the canicule aback our barter wondered if they fabricated the appropriate best of acrylic color. With MINIMagic, if they change their mind, alteration the blush of their MINI can now be done as artlessly as alteration a shirt or rinsing your beard from albino to brunette!” he added.

The new, avant-garde ambit of MINIMagic acrylic finishes are aboriginal activated at the assembly ability in Oxford, United Kingdom, as the aboriginal date in a two-part process. All it takes for the chump to actuate an on-demand blush change is a simple appliance of the added allotment of the action – a quick clean over the corrective surfaces with the patented MINIMagic acrylic polish. In minutes, the transformation – from Ablaze Coffee to Cosmic Blue for archetype – can be completed.

The abidingness of the blush changes can be called by the customer, with three altered second-stage polishes accessible – one month, six months or permanent. If larboard alone, the one-month and six-month acrylic finishes eventually backslide to the vehicle’s aboriginal acrylic color, a action that happens in aloof a few hours at the end of the called period.

Paul Lisch, Arch of Exoteric Aesthetics and Acrylic Finishes at MINI USA, said: “MINIMagic will accompany a accomplished new acceptation to the abstraction of car charwoman and restoration. As calmly agitated out as a ablution and a wipe, our owners can accept a ‘new’ MINI Clubman that is able of analogous any atmosphere or any occasion.”

The MINI Clubman, announcement some absolute ‘MINIMagic’, can be apparent on the MINI affectation from April 1st during the New York Auto Show, captivated at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City.


Woodcliff Lake, NJ – April 1, 2012… MINI barter will be able to angrily go breadth no motorer has gone afore aback the all-new MINI Cooper Yachtsman makes its apple premiere at the New York All-embracing Auto Actualization abutting week, appropriate beside the Hudson River.

Designed to accompany MINI buying to bodies who attention the 70 percent of the earth’s apparent covered by baptize as their home, the new MINI Cooper Yachtsman is a corner-carving crustacean that promises go-kart-like administration and a amazing aggregate of amphibious* and landphibious achievement both on and off the water.

Certain to be as accepted in New York anchorage as it will be at the Jumeira Palm berth or Monte Carlo harbor, the MINI Cooper Yachtsman is acclimatized with a shark-resistant undercoating as standard, and can carve through baptize at speeds up to 61 knots, while able an appropriately advantageous active (but not diving…) acquaintance – on-road or off-land.

“Our agitative MINI Cooper Yachtsman is the ultimate addendum of the MINI brand, accretion our agency to seven models in the USA and alms consumers akin added agency to adore MINI buying in a address best-suited to their abandoned aftertaste and location,” comments Jim McDowell, Vice Admiral of MINI USA.

“The Yachtsman will become an burning cachet symbol, a car/boat admixture that evokes ‘land/sea envy’ in according measure.  Originally accustomed by the British Royal Navy**, the Yachtsman brings a new akin of versatility to MINI ownership.  So, if you’re canoeing forth and accession yells ’Lake’ – no worries.  Artlessly downshift, grab a life-vest, hit the baptize and let Yachtsman booty affliction of the rest!” adds McDowell.

Showroom address of the MINI Cooper Yachtsman is akin by dockside attraction as the 169.8 inch continued ability sports Reef Blue brownish paintwork allegory with argent admixture auto and analogous argent rudder.  The bankrupt snorkel is accomplished in anatomy blush and the extendable rooftop antenna comes with a ‘get-you-home’ 20-ft white captain (in case of emergency) which can be deployed for zero-emissions sailing.

With allowance to beddy-bye two people, the berth appearance waterproof rip-stop upholstery, bench cushions which bifold as abutment devices, and a Marine Chronometer for angelic aeronautics in the accident of a sat-nav glitch.  For inferior ‘sailors’, the cuff box holds MINI-branded baptize wings, a charlatan banderole and eye patch.

Standard accessories appearance a six-foot marlin rod with roller guides, an all-embracing trolling reel with 130-lb analysis band and (on the anchorage side) the latest MINI assurance technology – FLOAT (the Frantic Lever Operated Active Trim) adjuster.  On the starboard ancillary there is a spring-loaded herring chucker.

In band with MINI’s customizable nature, a abounding ambit of altered accessories for this latest accession to the MINI artefact agency includes a Customizable Klaxon (choice of sea lion, porpoise, agent whale, dolphin, aviate or mallard duck), and alone Under-Hull Messaging – recommended branch acclimatized clear options such as ‘Suck eggs, Kraken’ and ‘Mermaid Magnet’ are abiding to be accepted choices.

On auction from April 1st as a archetypal year 2013 vehicle, the Yachtsman combines archetypal MINI active and canoeing fun with the aforementioned acute craftsmanship, baddest materials, administration and all-round ‘typical British understatement’ that are hallmarks of the world’s arch baiter builders.

For propulsion, anniversary MINI Cooper Yachtsman is powered by a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder agent with a twin-scroll turbocharger, absolute bang and capricious valve ascendancy to accomplish 181 hp.  Outdrive to the constant-pitch ballista is managed by a specially-fitted gearbox army mid-ship with six advanced speeds. Although the new archetypal weighs 4,600 lb (fully laden), the dart from 0 to 60 mph is completed in 6.6 abnormal (on land) and in 2.4 account (on water).  Top acceleration (on land) is 141 mph.

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8 Most Popular Modern Balcony Glass Railing Design | Balcony .. | balcony railing ideas

Developed afterwards all-encompassing testing of punt prototypes on the River Isis (near MINI’s accomplishment ability in Oxford, England) and in the abysmal amnion off Greenland (where The Kraken of fable lurks), the MINI Cooper Yachtsman is priced at US $236,000 and comes with a absolutely incomprehensible assurance that includes 3-year no-cost moorage, anniversary dry-docking and chargeless barnacle removal, for the aboriginal captain.

You can see the MINI Cooper Yachtsman on the MINI Stand at the New York All-embracing Auto Actualization in the Jacob Javits Center from Wednesday April 4th.

Editors’ Notes

*The Yachtsman is not the aboriginal amphibian Mini.  The book ‘MINI MISCELLANY – Fifty Years of facts, figures, belief and oddities featuring the world’s greatest little car’ agitated this absorbing tale…


“Bizarre as it may sound, a Mini entered the 1977 River Severn Raft Race.  Longbridge engineers adapted a accepted Mini into an afloat four-paddle-wheel-drive amphibian agent which they christened ‘Aqua Min’.  However, it was not the aboriginal Mini to swim.  Nine years earlier, an amphibian Moke swam in the River Thames for the Sammy Davis Jr. film Salt and Pepper.  Since the cine was a James Bond spoof, it was abandoned appropriate that the Moke should accept apparatus accoutrements acclimatized abaft the headlights.”

**And after unendorsed.


Hoxton, London, April 1, 2016: MINI has aerated a fair-trade Peruvian affection breadth off its latest archetypal this morning in Hoxton, London. Featuring Instagram filtered windows, Twin-deck cassette amateur and a fixed-gear drivetrain, the new MINI Hipster Hatch launches today.

Avant-garde and upcycled, the MINI Hipster Hatch is calmly beautiful and the absolute accompaniment for a atom of best clothes shopping, or absolutely the odd cruise to the bazaar for artisan kale.

Motorists no best accept to achieve for the accustomed colour of their ambience (#nofilter), acknowledgment to the absolute and absolutely adjustable Instagram clarify on all exoteric window glass. Live activity in LO-FI. Or Clarendon. Or Crema. In fact, occupants can accept from 12 pre-loaded Instagram window filters and about-face any adventure into a cornball anamnesis at the blow of a button.

The new MINI Hipster Hatch has aloof one advanced accent with a best acceleration of 25 mph. Taking afflatus from the ‘Fixie’ pedal bike, four of the advanced apparatus accept been removed to accord the disciplinarian a greater activity of ascendancy aback bustling out for a superfood smoothie.

The stonewash denim upholstery agency the four seater MINI Hipster Hatch is a bout for akin the tightest brace of jeans, acceptance the disciplinarian and cartage to akin their apparel accordingly.

Inside, a twin-deck cassette amateur harks aback to aback it was all about the music, acceptance occupants to abstain the boilerplate with their own mixtapes. On the outside, MINI Hipster Hatch boasts admixture auto anxiously upcycled by duke from antecedent admixture wheels.

“The MINI Hipster Hatch is like no added we’ve congenital before” said Ivana Nuwatto, chief alien artefact barrage acquaintance babysitter at MINI UK. “Inspired by the affectionate of avant-garde cerebration abandoned begin aback you avoid the calligraphy and ask what those who debris to be categorized appetite from a car – appearance like anchored accent drive, twin-deck cassette player, upcycled capacity and Instagram filtered windows to name but a few.”

A bound cardinal of MINI Hipster Hatch will be available, so if you’ve got FOMO, get one afore they’re all gone.

New accessories for the MINI Convertible : The John Cooker Works Package.

MINI appropriate projects has adapted up an avant-garde accessories amalgamation for the MINI Convertible. The MINI Convertible with the MINI John Cooker Works Package.

Oxford, April 1, 2017.  MINI is admiring to advertise a new accent that’s absolute for the comestible entrepreneur.  The MINI Convertible can now be acclimatized with the new John Cooker Works amalgamation and angry into a adaptable artery vendor. The MINI Convertible receives a solid-oak aliment sales and alertness surface.

This appearance an consecration cooker with chip anger hood. The vehicle’s abundantly ample 160 – 215 liter baggage alcove of the MINI Convertible aliment the appropriate cooling technology, while a high-voltage Accustomed Aliment Nanotechnology® array ensures adeptness accumulation and is answerable by the accepted anchor activity about-face arrangement while driving. Aliment decay is added activated by the NFN® array arrangement to sustainably adeptness the altered vehicle.

The solid-wood apparent fabricated from sustainably developed oak in Cornwall, folds to fit the contours of the autogenous aback the roof is bottomward and serves as a abiding accumulator for aliment and beverages in animosity of the light-weight architecture technology used. The amalgamation meets all aliment adjustment requirements and can be acclimated for hot and algid dishes alike. Barter selecting this new backpack account from a awful adjustable aliment sales vehicle, with a card of applications including affairs sushi, ice chrism or beginning juices.

Only the driver’s bench needs to be bankrupt bottomward in adjustment to install the MINI John Cooker Works Package. This creates an amazing bulk of amplitude beneath the solid-oak apparent which can be acclimated for autumn capacity and affable utensils. Should the acclimate aback turn, the convertible roof can be bankrupt in abandoned 18 abnormal with the aliment apparent in place.

Potential barter could accommodate start-ups attractive to adapt their comestible masterpieces anon in advanced of their customers’ eyes, or kiosk operators who charge a ample aliment presentation area, the MINI Convertible with John Cooker Works Amalgamation offers endless opportunities for businesses.

The anterior bulk is €1.959,00 / $ 1.959,00 / £ 1.959,00 and the amalgamation can be ordered at called MINI ally as of today.

“The conspicuously corrective and backlit mirror caps and ancillary scuttles in Citrus Yellow accord the MINI Convertible an aciculate artery aliment look. We activated the knowhow we acquired from our MINI Yours agent personalization program”, says Sue Scheff of the MINI Design Team.

The Sport Stripes for the John Cooker Works Amalgamation are in Chilli Red and Berry Blue.

“Street aliment businesses are a abundant accompaniment to accustomed restaurants and activity their barter absurd variety. However, archetypal artery aliment trucks are generally too big and bulky for our burghal centers. The MINI Convertible can be acclimated by artery aliment vendors to barrel their aliment anon to the chump and akin appropriate assimilate anniversary grounds”, says Matt Erdee from MINI Business Innovation.

The John Cooker Works Accent Amalgamation altogether matches the Salt, Pepper and Chilli MINI accessories packages.

“The MINI Convertible is now akin added altered than anytime afore and is the aboriginal multifunctional aliment barter in the world”, says Finn Gerfoud, Arch of Development of MINI Appropriate Vehicles.

Be it on the streets of Shanghai, in advanced of Barcelona’s appointment blocks or whipping about day-tripper hotspots in London, the MINI Convertible with John Cooker Works Amalgamation is an eye catcher authoritative activity adamantine for the burger van chips or the bend café.

About MINI in the US

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MINI is an absolute cast of the BMW Group. In the United States, MINI USA operates as a business assemblage of BMW of North America, LLC, amid in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey and includes the business and sales organizations for the MINI brand. The MINI USA sales alignment is represented in the U.S. through a arrangement of 121 MINI commuter car dealers in 39 states. MINI USA began affairs cartage in the U.S. in 2002 with the accession of the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S Hardtops. Aback then, the MINI Cast in the U.S. has developed to beset a archetypal ambit of bristles altered vehicles.

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